GPS to GO – Your Partner for a Greener Fleet and Future for Your Business!

Government and private fleets around the world are turning their thoughts to electric vehicles (EVs) to help meet their emissions reduction goals, to help the environment in general, and to save money so why should they have to miss out on the benefits our fleet clients experience with using GPS to GO and our fleet tracking and telematics solution? They don’t!

As our customers with electric vehicles know, GPS to GO and the Geotab fleet tracking devices we are proud to offer have been compatible with electric vehicle models for some time, however our offering to e-fleets has increased exponentially with Geotab’s acquisition of FleetCarma, an award-winning clean-tech information and technology company that has provided solutions to manage and accelerate the transition to electric vehicles (EVs), since 2007. This means our already amazing devices and platform will now benefit from, and evolve with, the vast amount of research and information FleetCarma has to offer the fleet tracking industry in regards to the benefits of electrification.

Fleets interested in transitioning to electric can also now take the guessing and risk out of fleet electrification thanks to FleetCarma’s Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessments (EVSAs) which evaluate fleets and create multi-year procurement plans to help electrify them. These assessments provide all the information needed to help ensure fleets are choosing the best-fit EVs so they don’t end up adopting a vehicle which does not work for them and their business goals.

For more information on how GPS to GO can help your electric fleet vehicles, contact us today!