GPS Tracking for Service Vehicles

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Our GPS vehicle tracking solutions are designed for companies like yours. With our complete end-to-end solution, you can take full control of your fleet to boost productivity, promote safer driver, improve customer service, reduce costs, and ultimately, increase your bottom line!

Home services companies know that employees can spend too much time on the road and on jobs comparing to other industries. With our GPS fleet management products, you can monitor when jobs are started and completed – improving customer service while reducing operational expenses.

Our GPS fleet management solutions provides reports that make it possible for companies to monitor idle time, the route taken, speed of the vehicle, number of stops in a day and duration of actual time on the job. Your fleet will also benefit from the real-time vehicle monitoring and dispatch to plan, reroute crews, and handle emergency calls.

Benefits for Home Service Companies

  • roi-savings-of-fleet-trackingreal-time-fleet-trackingOffer better customer service.
  • Increase new business opportunity.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Boost routing efficiency.
  • Reduce fuel expenses.
  • Monitor employee in & out times.
  • Monitor after hours vehicle usage.
  • Lower insurance costs fleet-wide.

Reviews by Home Service Companies

“Our gas bill dropped by about $1000/month”

ottawa home services“We are a heating and air conditioning contractor in Ottawa and surrounding area. 3 years ago we put a GPS tracking system in our truck. We had problems with employees using vehicles after hours, inventory missing, and customers complaining about time spent on jobs, thus not wanting to pay invoices. After the first month with GPS tracking, our gas bill dropped by about $1000/month. With GPS system we can go in and verify exact time our technician was on site to settle any disputes with customers. Our dispatcher also uses the GPS tracking to get a technician to a customers location efficiently.”

~ Alan Violini, Owner, Ottawa Home Services

“A great  tool in the running of my business as far as scheduling and routing appointments”

maids“I have had the units in my vehicles for more than year now I find them very reliable and extremely accurate as to the vehicles location throughout the city.  A great  tool in the running of my business as far as scheduling and routing appointments for the day. I am very happy with my decision to go with your units and hopefully will be adding more in the near future. Thanks Again Russ!”

~ Paul St. Jean, President The Maids Home Services

“It certainly makes the routing of our truck around the city faster and easier”

dump that“Russ and the team at GPS to Go have been very helpful in getting their system up and running in both of our trucks.  Whenever I have questions they are there to help find the right answers.  We are still learning all the features of the product but it certainly makes the routing of our truck around the city faster and easier.  We are now able to answer customers questions about timing and availability faster and spend much less time on the phone with our drivers.”

~ Gwen Harman, Office Manager, Bin There Dump That

“It’s done everything promised”

business interior“We picked up GPS to GO about 6 months ago as a way of enhancing our company and making us more efficient. It’s done everything promised. GPS to GO gave us some very, very powerful tools that gives us a great cutting-edge above and beyond most our competitors.”

~ Adam Manor, Advanced Business Interiors

“We wouldn’t consider taking our business anywhere else”

francis“You are right GPS to Go WORKS! We couldn’t be happier with the services. We were even able to resolve a conflict with a customer last week who claimed our technician was on site for 1 hour less than what he was billed. With the GPS report we were able to prove to the customer that the truck was indeed on site even longer than what he got billed for (we simply didn’t charge for the additional time). The customer was satisfied, the company got paid and the technician was relieved to hear that his honesty was no longer in question. The team at GPS to Go are always there and quick to respond to questions or additional service requirements. We wouldn’t consider taking our business anywhere else.”

~ Kay Kinder, Manager, Francis Plumbing & Heating

“It has made our business more effective”

molly maid“Since using the GPS Trackers, we have reduced some administration tasks in our office and it has made our business more effective in dealing with our staff and customers. It has been a great tool!”

~ Therese Levesque Molly Maid, Gloucester/ Orleans

“It is accomplishing what I wanted”

Service Master Restore“Using the GPS system from GPS to GO has really gone well. It is accomplishing what I wanted it to do including: matching invoicing with sites attended and tracking after hours usage and coffee and lunch runs.

We can now effectively monitor # of visits to acquire materials in a day.”

~ Gary Potvin, President, ServiceMaster of Sault Ste. Marie

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