GPS Tracking for Delivery Vehicles

Distributors, Movers, Couriers, and More!

Our GPS vehicle tracking solutions are designed for companies like yours. With our complete end-to-end solution, you can take full control of your fleet to boost productivity, promote safer driver, improve customer service, reduce costs, and ultimately, increase your bottom line!

Our GPS fleet tracking system will help your company assign faster routes (even taking into consideration traffic), so you can ensure your fleet is taking the most efficient way possible to their destination. The real time tracking also lets you give accurate ETA’s to your customers for your deliveries. Something that customers definitely appreciate in this industry!

Delivery and distributor companies that use our GPS fleet tracking will see benefits across the board – from reduced fuel costs, to more satisfied customers, to achieving more stops in a day.

Benefits for Delivery & Distributor Companies

  • Achieve more stops in a day.
  • Plan the most efficient routes.
  • Reduce fuel & labor costs.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Monitor employee hours.
  • Reduce the need for overtime hours.
  • Promote a safer fleet.

Reviews by Delivery & Distributor Companies

“GPS to GO offered more features than our previous supplier at a comparable, if not lower rate”

emco“EMCO is Canada’s largest and oldest plumbing supplier. We wanted to verify the whereabouts of our drivers as well as ensure deliveries were on time and as efficient as possible. GPS to GO offered more features than our previous supplier at a comparable, if not lower rate. A lot of these features were what other companies offered but at premium rate. GPS offered us all this under the basic package. We installed plug and play system ourselves – it was very easy and quick, and I installed most on my own. We can now see exactly where our drivers are, [very accurately], and give timely ETAs to our customers. Sequencing and route planning is our number two benefit – allowing us to be more efficient in the field. Also recording of trucks, maintenance tasks, etc. Instead of keeping track of all this manually, the system does so for us, saving us time. The billing is consistent, concise and exactly as I was told it would be. No roaming charges, no overages, which gives me peace of mind.”

~ Jarret Chalmers, Operations Manager, EMCO Corporation

“Navigating our fleet from delivery to delivery”

tannis“The Navigation & Tracking system from GPS to GO allows us to simultaneously navigate our fleet from delivery to delivery while tracking the efficiencies created with modern GPS. Tannis always strives to be on the cutting edge of technologies & this system is helping us get there.”

~ Fadi Swayty Project Manager, Tannis Food Distributors

“We are able to tell customers the ETA of their shipment in real time”

interstate batteries“We deliver to areas where most cell coverage seems to drop off – but with the GPS Tracking system we received from GPS to GO we’re able to see our trucks live all the way up to Mont Laurier QC (200 km North of Ottawa) and be able to tell customers the ETA of their shipment in real time.”

~ James Locke, Owner, Interstate Batteries Ottawa

“Very advanced for something so affordable”

byexpress“This system is very advanced for something so affordable. It really gives us everything we need in this area.”

~ Tam Payman President, BYEXPRESS

“Gives us & our customers a real professional feeling”

hudson movers“Tracking our trucks with the system from GPS to GO gives us & our customers a real professional feeling when we’re able to look in real time & tell the customer that we can see the moving truck & it is just a few km’s away and will be there in just a few more minutes.”

~ John Clifford, Hudson Movers Ltd. of Toronto, Ontario.

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