GPS Tracking for Utility Vehicles

Telecommunications, Internet Service Providers, Hydro, Energy Distributors, & More!

Our GPS vehicle tracking solutions are designed for companies like yours. With our complete end-to-end solution, you can take full control of your fleet to boost productivity, promote safer driver, improve customer service, reduce costs, and ultimately, increase your bottom line!

Real-time GPS fleet tracking is an essential tool that will help you provide superior customer service for your utility, cable or telecom company. Not to mention, it helps you monitor and ensure your technicians are performing and behaving as they should – on the job and on the road.

Utility companies that use GPS fleet tracking will see significant increases in completed work-orders and improvement in the number of work ticket resolutions. With your online fleet management software, you’ll know all the details of each driver’s day from start to finish – all the stops, all the times in between, and how to make it more efficient and more productive for tomorrow.

Benefits for Utility Companies

  • Faster, better customer service and ticket resolutions.
  • Increase productivity & safer driving.
  • More efficient routes between jobs.
  • Dispatch the closest driver.
  • Reduce fuel expenses.
  • Monitor employee in & out times.
  • Lower insurance costs fleet-wide.

Reviews by Utility Companies

“We used to have to call our techs at least 20 times a day”

high-speed-canada-logo“We specialize in high speed internet for rural areas. We have about 2500 of our own customers in Ontario. We have full time employees, and we use GPS tracking to track their hours. We also use it to dispatch our clients, and give ETAs to our customers accurate to within 15 minutes – which is fantastic. We used to have to call our techs at least 20 times a day to see where they were, but now we barely even need to talk to them. We can just let them do their work. We started just by tracking in-and-out times, but it’s become so much more. Everything from ETAs to when we need to do oil changes of our vehicles, so we can schedule all that in advance.”

~ Arthur Taillon, CEO of High Speed Canada

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