Fleet tracking not only makes your fleet more productive, but it also helps to protect your assets. If you’ve ever had issues with vehicles being stolen, being used without authorization, or even abused, then GPS tracking can help solve that.

As a Fleet Manager:

  • Receive a notification whenever an engine light turns on.
  • Receive reminders for scheduled maintenance.
  • Receive reports on vehicle diagnostics and engine status.
  • Receive instant alerts for off-hours usage.
  • Find stolen vehicles.
  • See when a vehicle deters from its route or makes an unscheduled stop.
  • See when a vehicle is being used improperly (harsh braking, speeding, etc).

All of this information will help you protect your vehicles and improve their lifespan – thus giving you more value out of your assets. All this information comes to you through your fleet management software – via your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Example: Engine Light Notification

Through the fleet management software, you can immediately see if an engine light has gone on by the little red warning icon next to the vehicle.

Just click the icon to receive a detailed report on the engine status and what the issue is.

For instance, in the above case we discover there is a problem with the coolant thermostat. This is very helpful when you take the vehicle in for maintenance and you already know what the problem is.


Read more about the benefits of tracking vehicle status and security here.

Our GPS Fleet Tracking Saves a Man’s Life

In this video, Anna Prosperi, office manager at Trident Elevator in Scarborough Ontario, speaks about how our GPS tracking device helped alert them of a driver who had become unresponsive one morning.

After becoming worried, they sent another driver to check on them, and as it turned out, the first driver had undergone a heart attack. They called 911 in time to save his life.