Paperwork doesn’t have to be paper based! Integrating mobile forms software solutions with your Geotab GPS tracking system makes it easy for you automate and digitize your administration process and save time and money.

This leading edge technology enables you to monitor your business in real time. You’ll save fuel and labor costs, reduce printing and administrative costs, and even make it easier to invoice your customers.

With its flexible and seamless integration options, the Geotab GPS tracking system makes it easy to take advantage of this new technology.  GPS to Go offers a variety of software solutions that meet your specific needs including:


Save yourself the mistakes, oversights and hassles caused by paper forms. VisiTrack’s secure interface makes it easy to:

  • Record information tracking with proof of visit and specific details of the visit in real-time
  • Customizable and configure the software to your unique business rules
  • See high level productivity and also drill down to a specific field employee or job site to identify and isolate issues
  • Receive instantaneous alerts that are configured based on your business rules


Improve driver experience while accelerating productivity across your fleet. Comply365 gives you:

  • A smoother and faster new hire onboarding and training
  • Instant delivery of the latest permits, manuals and HR information to the entire company, specific teams or to a single driver, on their device
  • Access to smart, mobile forms eliminate paper vehicle inspection forms, bills of lading, invoices and maintenance requests
  • The flexibility to integrate easily with other systems and databases, like accounting systems for instant invoicing
  • Easy and efficient communicate with in-app mail and instant, secure chat for fast, clear, two-way communications

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