Cameras for GPS Fleet Tracking Systems (Geotab)

Take advantage of the flexibility offered by the Geotab GPS tracking  system and integrate with live video streaming or video playback for maximum safety, operational efficiency and driver performance within your fleet.


Offered by GPS to GO, ZenduCAM allows the fleet manager to monitor a live video stream of their vehicles. Features include:

  • Live Video Streaming Anytime: Keep an eye on your fleet when you need to.
  • Event Recording Playback: Playback footage that is enacted when certain behaviors (rules thresholds) are met, as defined by the fleet manager.
  • Sharable Links: Share recorded footage of crucial events, such as violations of defined rules in Geotab, that occur on the road.
  • Cloud Storage: Never miss an important event with unlimited video storage in the cloud.


Other Camera Options:

The Geotab Marketplace is home to several camera solutions that integrate seamlessly with your Geotab fleet tracking devices, including Rosco DVXC4 with RoscoLive, Driver’s Camera by Zone Defense, and more.

See how we can help you put the power of video in your fleet manager’s toolbox by contacting us today.