FSMA Regulations on Transportation Cold Chain Management

As part of the largest sweeping reform to food safety laws in decades, the U.S Federal Government signed into law the Food Safety Modernization Act, or FSMA, in 2011. The FSMA ensures the safety of citizens by preventing contamination to the U.S. food supply.

Learn how you can ensure compliance with the FSMA, and improve the management of your fleet in a variety of ways with Geotab.


Food Safety Modernization Act & Your Fleet

Part of the final ruling for the FSMA established requirements for vehicles and transportation equipment, transportation operations, training and record keeping. As part of the requirements and record keeping, the importance and responsibility of vehicle operators to monitor the time and temperature of their rigs and cargo grew, and has proven to effectively ensure the proper maintenance of the transportation cold chain during operations.

In order to meet compliance with the FSMA, carriers must apply and document the time and temperature of their refrigerated transport vehicles including during the precooling, transportation, and delivery of goods at appropriate temperatures. They must also provide a complete temperature report to the receiver upon request.

FSMA Compliance with Geotab & Valor Temptrac

In addition to recording your Hours of Service, maintaining your vehicle service records, and managing your optimal transportation routes, the Geotab GPS fleet tracking system offers access to the Valor Temptrac Reefer Temperature Monitoring solution on the Geotab Marketplace.

With the Valor Temptrac Reefer Temperature Monitoring system you maintain end-to-end temperature monitoring of your vehicle and up to four temperature zones.

Sensors can be set to monitor 24/7, and immediately alert you (via SMS and email) of even a 1 degree temperature change.

This allows for thorough temperature tracking and reporting, with full reports available every 30 minutes, measuring temperature every 4 seconds, and recording every 10 seconds.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Extend tire life and save on tire maintenance costs
  • Extend tread life
  • Reduced roadside downtime and save on operation costs
  • Lowered insurance costs due to fewer accidents and less vehicle damage

The Geotab Advantage

In addition to the benefits outlined above, Geotab allows you the competitive edge over your competitors:

  • Installs in seconds – a true plug & play solution for fleet tracking
  • Adaptable & Expandable: Integrate Geotab and hundreds of other apps to track and monitor whatever you need
  • No contract – not now, not ever!
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