Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

Improve Productivity

Verify employee start and finish times, plan more efficient routes.

Reduce Costs

Save on fuel costs, vehicle repairs and maintenance, and even insurance rates.

Safer Driving

Driver alerts and reports mean you can correct issues before they cause damage.

How GPS to GO Works

30 Second Installation

No downtime – no hassle. Just plug and play. Installs on any vehicle in seconds.

Real-time Tracking

Know where your assets are at any given time. That’s what management is.

Hours of Service Tracking

Get accurate automatic data of a driver’s status, whether they’re driving or on duty.

More than Just a Dot on the Map

When you choose GPS to GO, you’re choosing industry-leading technology. We are an authorized reseller of Geotab fleet tracking devices, the most advanced and intuitive solution on the market today.The Geotab system offers simple installation and an easy management interface, combined with the cutting-edge data collection you need to optimize your fleet. And for additional functionality, expand your devices with apps or accessories from the Geotab Marketplace.

Geotab’s proven platform gives your company more than just dots on a map; it gives your organization the competitive advantage that you need to thrive.

Trusted by hundreds of companies across Canada & the US

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