Additional Hardware

The great part about our fleet tracking system is that it is a complete end-to-end solution – and in fact, the only end-to-end fleet management solution. Thus, there’s no worrying about trying to have different pieces from 3rd party providers all fit together and work cohesively.

Occassionally, you may need some other hardware items to assist with your setup or enhance your capabilities.

Driver ID System
The Driver ID system includes a reader device which attaches to the GPS device itself, and a driver ID tag which the driver carries with them. The driver need only press the button on their tag to activate themselves as the driver for the route. System can be ordered through the MyAdmin panel of the GeoTab interface.

Garmin Integration Bundle

Our GO6 tracking devices feature the first-ever expandable USB port, wherein you can connect other functionality to your device – such as a Garmin Navigator. The Garmin Integration Bundle includes the necessary cables to connect your tracking device to a Garmin navigator, but does not include the Garmin device itself. View tutorial on how to setup.

Relocation Cable

This is the general relocation cable used to extend the reach of a vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port (ALDL) when needed. For instance, if the device becomes in the way of the driver’s leg, it’s best to relocate it so as not to distract the driver or damage the device. Connects to most passenger vehicles, gas and diesel.

Diagnostic Port
Splitter Harness

This cable is used to split the connection from the diagnostic port (ALDL) for vehicles that need to be able to connect other devices besides just the GPS tracking device. Connects to most light duty gas and diesel vehicles.

Heavy Duty Connectors

These cables are used to connect our GPS tracking device to the 6-pin or 9-pin ECM ports in most heavy trucks.


IOX Expandable Auxiliary Connections

Once again with the expandable USB port locating on our GPS tracking device, these connection cables allow you to integrate further capabilities – such as Iridium satellite, NFC Driver ID, RFID, and auxiliary inputs for other engine sensors.

Many of the above items come with your installation package. If you need extra or need to inquire about receiving a specific item, please contact us.