The GPS devices installed on your fleet vehicles are constantly performing an on-board analysis of various measurements, including location, speed, acceleration, braking, idling, engine status, and more.

This information is relayed to the cloud-based fleet management software you have open on your desktop, tablet or smartphone, giving you instant access to what’s happening within your fleet.

Know Where Your Assets Are


Through the fleet management software dashboard, you can check in on any driver at any time to see:

  • Where they are
  • How fast they’re going
  • Where they’ve been
  • Where they’re headed
  • Their ETA for their next stop
  • How long they spent somewhere
  • Their vehicle status
  • Any unwanted practices (idling, speeding)
  • And more!

Take Control of Your Fleet:

What does real-time tracking allow you to do as a manager or dispatcher?

  • Make informed decisions on the fly.
  • Have your drivers be accountable.
  • Better plan routes with live traffic analysis.
  • Know where your vehicles are to provide more accurate ETAs.
  • Record regular and over-time hours done by employees.
  • Know precisely when a driver arrived and left somewhere .
  • Dispatch the closest driver to a customer.
  • Resolve a dispute about when a service started or finished.
  • Stay in constant contact with drivers to help and assist them.

This is what real-time tracking does. Read how real-time tracking benefits your business here.

High Speed Canada: Taking Advantage of Real-Time Tracking

In this video, we interview Arthur Taillon, CEO of High Speed Canada, on how they are using our GPS fleet tracking technology to their advantage to better manage their fleet and provide better customer service to their clients across Canada.

They started with fleet tracking just to record employee hours, but have found much more use for it – especially in giving customers accurate times of arrival.