Geotab Marketplace:

The Geotab Marketplace is like an app store for your fleet tracking system. The solutions available in the Marketplace allow you to expand the functionality of your GPS Fleet Tracking through a wide variety of third-party apps, accessories, and add-ons.

Software and apps allow the fleet manager to use the data their Geotab devices collect in all sorts of different ways. There are also a many hardware add-ons that integrate with your existing Geotab system to add to its benefits as an all-in-one fleet management solution.

No other fleet tracking company can match the range of custom reports, software solutions and hardware accessories to turn your fleet tracking solution into the perfect tool for your specific needs.

Types of Add-Ons Available Through Geotab Marketplace

MyGeotab Add-Ins: These can be integrated with the MyGeotab platform to give you access to more info, or lay out the information in different ways.

Hardware Accessories & Add-Ons: For the most part, these are physical add-ons to your Geotab fleet tracking devices, adding features like video monitoring, temperature monitoring, in-vehicle feedback, or a range of other options.

Mobile Apps: Seamlessly integrate features from Geotab with your existing mobile apps.

General Software Solutions: Apps grouped in this section cover a variety of purposes and uses.

Popular GPS Tracking Add-Ons

There are hundreds of third party options that can be added to your Geotab GPS fleet tracking system and MyGeotab management platform. Here are just a few examples of solutions that are popular with our customers.

Geotab Drive. Geotab Drive is the industry-leading solution for electronic onboard Hours of Service Tracking. It integrates seamlessly with your existing Geotab fleet tracking devices, so that it automatically logs changes in status from driving to stopped. It’s the truly modern HOS tracking platform, and best of all, it comes in around 70% less of the cost than the competition. See more info on our HOS Tracking app page.

Maps BI – Interactive Dashboards: Maps BI utilizes your existing Geotab data to provide instant access to highly-visual, beautiful and easy-to-understand dashboards. The pre-loaded dashboards shine a spotlight on important aspects of your fleet management, such as route optimization, safety, customer management and more; all while making use of graphs, charts and other visual elements to make the data easy to understand – and act upon.

Reefer Temperature Monitoring (Valor TempTrac): Companies who deliver frozen goods, or high-value assets such as pharmaceuticals via refrigerated transport need to make sure that their refrigeration is operating correctly, or risk taking a massive hit. Valor TempTrac is an add-in to your Geotab unit that allows you to do exactly that. It monitors up to four temperature zones simultaneously and transmits temperature readings through your device to MyGeotab in real time. It’s just one more way that Geotab can function as an all-in-one fleet tracking and management solution for your fleet.