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We love hearing how the Geotab GPS tracking device helps businesses improve their processes and bottom line. Click the link below to find out how it helped J.F. Kitching & Son Ltd., a third-generation family business located in Queensville, Ontario which provides transportation services, and what benefits they are experiencing since choosing this business solution.

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Paine’s Inc. Recycling & Rubish Removal is a recycling and disposal services company based in East Granby, Connecticut (north of Hartford). The company receives some of its work from local municipalities, so when a requirement of GPS tracking was put into place, Paine’s needed a solution that fit their business.

customer service benefits of GPS

Russell Paine, the company’s vice-president told how his organization went through an extensive, four-month-long process to choose a GPS provider. They set up presentations from at least 8 different GPS providers, and ran them through a series of questions to ensure that their offerings would meet the needs of Paine’s business.

At the end, there was only one company’s GPS offering left standing: Geotab.

Why they Chose Geotab:

Paine pointed to several reasons why his company is utilizing Geotab for their GPS fleet tracking requirements:

  • No contract, no hassle, no obligation. There are no contracts to sign and you’re free to walk away at any time. Companies that depend on other organizations for work (like local municipalities) find this extremely beneficial – allowing them to pivot quickly if their scale or scope of work changes without much notice.
  • Best-in-industry value. In comparison with many other offerings, Geotab offers unbeatable bang for your GPS fleet tracking buck. As Paine notes, the devices have continually become smaller, more affordable and easier to install since they started working with them a number of years back.
  • Great assistance. Geotab prides itself on support, so if you need a hand to help get a question answered, or troubleshoot some sort of issue, you can rely on the company to help you quickly.

The Benefits of Geotab:

The company is confident that in Geotab, they’ve made the right choice for their organization. Among the benefits that they’ve seen include the following.

  • Improved Customer Service. The company now has a better handle on where their drivers are at all times. That’s beneficial for supervisors to have more knowledge of their drivers’ behaviour, but also beneficial for their relationship with the local municipality. As the article on notes,“in the past customers would call with concerns that Paine’s had missed them, but now with telematics, the company can see exactly where each truck has been and its current location. This makes answering questions and concerns much easier and more accurate.”
  • The company notes that they have seen improved Safety and Driver Compliance. Check out some of the common ways that fleet tracking can make your employees drive safer.
  • Paine’s has found the data collected by Geotab tracking units to be useful in the unfortunate event of an accident, providing hard data to determine the facts surrounding a collision or incident.
  • The company has not seen a backlash from drivers over use of GPS fleet tracking; instead, drivers understand the benefits and that the data can support the great-quality work they’re doing on a daily basis.

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GPS to GO, Now You Know.

GPS fleet tracking offers many benefits to your company. Our customers come to us for a variety of different reasons. Some are looking to increase vehicle security. Others are simply looking to trim the fat on their operational budget whether through lower fuel costs, better resource management, and in some cases, lower insurance costs. Whatever your business goals, GPS fleet tracking can help you get there. Here are some ways how:

How GPS Fleet Tracking Makes Your Business More Effective


Reach more clients:

One of the primary ways that GPS fleet tracking can make your business more effective is to allow your employees to reach more customers in a day. With GPS fleet tracking, our clients tell us that their drivers work smarter, more efficiently, and waste less time on the company dollar.

  • GPS fleet tracking provides improved route management, giving your staff the best way to their customers’ locations.
  • Reduce your drivers’ unauthorized stops and detours.
  • Use data to improve your driver scheduling and max out efficiency.
  • Reduce ticket times at each stop for your employees.
  • Monitor the efficiency of your employees and coach them up using hard data.

Manage operational costs:

Here are some ways in which GPS Fleet Tracking can potentially help you reduce operational costs. For more information see this page on how GPS Fleet Tracking reduces costs.

  • Lower your fuel costs.
  • Reduce idling time.
  • Reduce overtime hours paid out.
  • Using GPS fleet tracking devices to improve driving behavior can reduce costs associated with collisions
  • GPS systems provide another line of vehicle security.
  • Regular reminders can help improve your vehicle maintenance.

Provide Better Customer Service:

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Make them happier by providing them with more information, and improving your reputation – because there’s nothing better than a word-of-mouth referral to new customers from an existing, happy client. Here’s how GPS fleet tracking improves customer service.

  • Give your customers accurate ETAs. By knowing exactly where your drivers, employees and service people are, you can pass that information on to your customers.
  • Assign the closest current driver to urgent calls.
  • Through the improved driving of your employees, give your company a better image on the roads.

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GPS to Go, Now You Know

Industry: Full-service junk removal
Based In: Toronto, ON
Type of Vehicles: Cab over trucks
Fleet Size: 22

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The Challenge: Young Driver Risks

When the original 1-800-GOT-JUNK? launched in Vancouver, Canada in 1989, Brian Scudamore was a college student looking to make some extra cash over a summer break. Not long after, the business grew into a franchise network with a Toronto location opening in 1999. Keeping in line with how the business started, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? continues to hire younger team members — often college students — who are behind the wheel of the company’s trucks.

With 22 cab-over trucks, the Toronto franchise is the largest and highest in revenue throughout the franchise network. Team members are typically between 20 and 30 years old with no professional driving experience. Kelly Mack, operations manager for 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Toronto, says that while these younger drivers are personable and work well with customers, the lack of experience can always be a concern.GPS to GO - 1-800-got-junk


Mitigating the Risks

Telematics and, specifically, Geotab fleet tracking units provided by GPS to GO were the go-to solution to manage these younger, inexperienced drivers. Since installing Geotab’s plug-and-play system in 2011, one of the most obvious benefits was improved routing. The company can more confidently get trucks to customer locations on time and efficiently — and then onto the next job.

pullquote“1-800-GOT-JUNK? Toronto is fiercely committed to providing great customer service and the GPS helps us keep our service at a high level,” Mack says, adding that tracking the trucks in real-time allows them to more accurately predict if a crew is going to make it on time for the next job, and if not, why. “Now, we don’t have to call drivers and distract them — we can just look at the screen and know where they are.”

Other dispatch responsibilities have been eased as well. If a new call comes in for a pick-up, for example, the dispatcher/“Operations” is able to send the nearest truck to the job and re-route others as needed. “We get same-day bookings from locations all over the city, so if we know that a job could be more suited for a truck that’s in a closer geographic zone, Geotab helps us locate the truck, and we can dispatch the team that is closer to the job,” Mack says.

Also, the Geotab system helps ease any overnight worries of vehicle theft while the trucks are left sitting at their parking spots.

“Any business that wants to provide great customer service, be on time, dispatch effectively, ensure employee accountability and vehicle accountability would greatly benefit from having telematics in their vehicles,” Mack says. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Toronto has even seen better results in the Ministry of Transportation’s Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration system, which tracks the on-road safety of commercial fleets. Poor performance can result in a business losing its privilege to operate commercial motor vehicles altogether.

Driver Concerns & Accountability

Launching telematics into a fleet can cause concern from the drivers being monitored. But for 1-800-GOT-JUNK? drivers are well aware of the Geotab systems, and according to Mack, they see the value of GPS fleet management systems.

“These younger team members come to the job understanding that GPS systems in the vehicle is the norm and to be expected as part of the job,” Mack says, adding that as telematics technology has become more commonplace, the company gets no pushback from drivers.

Plus, some of that driver worry about the monitoring is part of why it works. “They drive better because they know they’re being monitored,” Mack says.

In this video, Russ Salo interviews Kelly Mac, Operations Manager for the largest and highest grossing garbage bin delivery and disposal franchise in North America – 1-800-Got-Junk.

Here are the main takeaways from the video:

Why did you decide to install GPS fleet tracking?

We opened the first franchise in Toronto, in 1999. We have a fleet of 22 well-maintained trucks, and we typically hire young drivers aged 20-30, who are not professional drivers. They are college students who are personable and work well with our customers.

We are committed to providing great service, and we have the highest revenue in the franchising system currently.

What were some of the challenges you wanted to overcome by installing GPS?

We have younger drivers, having GPS truck tracking let’s them know that there’s accountability, that if they’re speeding, or if they’re not where they’re supposed to be, or not on time, we know.

We wanted to make sure our drivers were reporting on time for service; they drive better because they know they’re being monitored. The Ministry of Transportation is happy with our performance and we have seen better results in the Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) system.

The CVOR system tracks the on-road safety performance of large trucks. The goal of the CVOR system is to improve road safety for all users of Ontario highways by having an effective monitoring and intervention system for all carriers. Poor performance may result in the loss of privileges to operate commercial motor vehicles. – Ministry of Transportation

We opted not to perform the Geotab hidden installation as it required that the truck either go offsite, or that all trucks be present in our lot. This didn’t work with our business model, so plugging in the Geotab tracking devices was far easier and simpler. Besides, the fact that the drivers know they’re being tracked is enough to make them be more diligent drivers.

What improvements have you noticed since the Geotab tracking devices were installed?

Our drivers have been on time, the day-to-day dispatching operations are smoother because we have a better sense of where everyone is. Now we don’t have to call drivers and distract them anymore – we can just look at the screen and know where they are, if a driver is on their way.

We have a centralized dispatching system, an internal software sale center that coordinates all our dispatches. So even if customers book online, or via the mobile site, the app or via the phone, the bookings pop up on our screen.

We get bookings from locations all over the city, so if we know that a job could be more suited for a truck that’s in a closer geographic zone, Geotab helps us redirect the truck, and we can dispatch the truck driver that is closer to the job.

What are some other surprising benefits to using Geotab/GPS?

We originally thought about hiding the Geotab GPS from our drivers, so they wouldn’t see it. But it’s ok, the drivers are fine knowing that they’re being monitored. There hasn’t been a real push back with this new technology. A lot of our drivers are young and very comfortable with technology. What if a truck gets stolen? Where did you leave the truck? Our drivers see the value in having GPS installed.


This is just one of the many customer stories on how GPS fleet tracking can improve your business – making you more efficient, offer better customer service, promote safer driving, and more. Try out our fleet tracking system with our easy $50 trial offer; no contract, cancel anytime, purchase whenever you’re ready and get the $50 credited. Easy as that.


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