GPS fleet tracking is not just about route planning and productivity – it also helps to protect your company’s assets by reminding you of scheduled maintenance, alerting you of engine issues, as well as improving security measures around your vehicles.

Through the fleet management software, you can get the full picture to your vehicles and their status. Since the GPS tracking devices are connected to the vehicle diagnostics port, they are recording data on all aspects of the engine.

Did you know? An idling vehicle is a prime target for theft.

How GPS Fleet Tracking Helps with Vehicle Maintenance

  • Be reminded of regular maintenance & check-ups, to be scheduled in ahead of time to avoid downtime.
  • Be alerted instantly when an engine light turns on,
  • With a click, find out the specific cause of the engine light to relay to the mechanic for faster service.
  • You and your drivers can be instantly alerted of poor driving habits that effect vehicle wear and tear are conducted, such as harsh braking, jackrabbit accelerations, etc.
  • When a vehicle has been idling after a set time, the driver can receive a notice to turn off the vehicle. This reduces fuel usage and improves the lifespan of vehicles.
  • Advanced vehicle maintenance through seamlessly integrated apps from the Geotab Marketplace, including solutions to manage emissions, engine issues, vehicle performance and much more.

Protect Your Fleet!

Vehicle theft is still a major issue for company that operate a fleet of vehicles, big or small. In some cases the vehicles could be one of the main company’s value assets or they can transport high value cargo. If your company van, truck or heavy machinery is stolen, GPS tracking can find its exact location helping police to get to the scene to prevent any further damage and recover the stolen vehicle.

When you invest in GPS system from GPS to Go, you can save yourself from spending money to replace stolen vehicle and loss of revenue due to downtime.

  • Reduce vehicle idling, which is a prime target for theft.
  • Be notified via the fleet management software or your mobile device whenever any suspicious or off-hours use of the vehicle is observed.
  • If a vehicle is stolen, track its whereabouts with the tracking device.

Using GPS Data to Prove Driver Not at Fault in Accident

In this video, Ian Eckersly, general manager of Service Master Ottawa, speaks on how our GPS fleet tracking helps improve driving habits within their fleet that helps to reduce costs and prevent accidents.

In one case where one of their employees was in an accident, they were able to prove the driver was not at fault through the recorded data by the GPS tracking device.

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