Remember, with the purchase of your GPS fleet tracking solution, we are more than happy to come to your location and install the devices for you. However, you will likely find it easy enough to do on your own as well. Check out the below videos for guidance, and if you need further assistance installing your GPS tracking devices on your vehicles, contact our customer support.

Also see our page on additional hardware.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Install the Plug N’ Play Device
View PDF Manual

Resources for Cable Selection and Connections

Harness Identification & Application (PDF)
Protocol Identification (PDF)

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Overview – 7 Types of Installs in 70 Seconds

Demonstrating installations on cars, trucks and vans, including cab-overs, 5-tons, and pick-ups.

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How to (and When To) Use Relocation Cables

Whether to move the tracking device out of the way or to connect to ECM ports (6 or 9 pin).

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Installing Tracking Device on Big Rigs

Demonstrating installations on a freight liner with a 6 pin ECM port.

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