One of the main functions of a GPS fleet tracking solution is for route planning. Using GPS fleet management essentially gives you a bird’s eye view of everything that’s happening, so you can better manage your fleet and plan more efficient routes. When it takes less time to get from point A to point B, this means more jobs can be done in a day, less wasted time, and less fuel consumption. All of these things add up to a better bottom line.

Descartes Route Planning
Route4Me Route Planner
Routible - Routing & Dispatch

How Our GPS Tracking Helps with Route Planning

  • Know where your drivers are at all times so you can dispatch the ones closest to a customer.
  • Easily dispatch the closest driver to a customer’s location.
  • Receive live traffic analysis to avoid slow areas or construction.
  • The system can automatically recommend the quickest route to a destination.
  • Monitor fuel consumption so as to better coordinate fuel stops.
  • Avoid your drivers getting lost, and if they ever do you can assist them get back on track.

Dispatching the Nearest Driver

Using our GPS fleet management software, it’s as easy as typing in an address and clicking ‘Nearest’ to find the closest driver to dispatch.

You can also add a new stop to a driver’s route plan with just a couple clicks, as well as remove stops or re-order them.

This is what route planning does for you. The benefits are clear, but read here for more details on specifically how route planning helps improve your business.


Using GPS Fleet Tracking for Daily Dispatch & Routing

The video, of Gwen Harman – office manager at Bin There Dump That, explains how their company has been using our GPS fleet tracking solution for their daily routing and dispatching.

They mainly use fleet tracking for routing and trip history information, but they continually find new and useful uses for it. All in all, she says it makes her life much easier, which we like to hear!