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Looking to select an ELD solution that is perfect for your organizational needs and structure? When fleet managers implement the proper ELD solution they’re ultimately setting the company, its operations and its drivers up for success. How so you might ask? ELD solutions ensure that you’re adhering to government regulations, are mandate compliant, increase overall safety and boost efficiencies and productivity dramatically.

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For a company with 450 fleet vehicles on the road like Black & Veatch, headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, driver safety is critical. The company has many technicians and servicepeople out on the roads each and every day, with some driving up to 7,000 miles (11,000+ km) per month. Needless to say, all that driving makes safety, accidents and liability a major concern. So when the company set out to improve those key metrics, they turned to Geotab GPS Fleet Tracking to help… and saw some amazing results.


safer fleet

[view original case study here]

Implementing a Safety Program:

On the whole, Black & Veatch’s goal was to use a solution that could measure drivers’ performance, and motivate a wide-ranging collective of operators to improve performance fleet-wide: improving safety and reducing costs stemming from accidents.

To do so, they implemented Geotab GPS Fleet Tracking and made use of some key tools and data that the Geotab system provides.

Driver Safety Scorecard:  A summary report that allows fleet managers to easily identify driver behaviour. From the original case study on

The driver scorecard allowed Black & Veatch to clearly pinpoint issues and see which drivers or vehicles needed additional training. … A policy was developed to help ensure all drivers followed specific safety guidelines, with driver safety scores reported each month to supervisors, the management team, and communicated to employees.

The safety scorecard is a simple, but highly effective way to gauge the safe driving of your employees. It allows you to customize the factors that affect someone’s score. In Black & Veatch’s case, the big factors were speeding and seatbelt use, with excessive acceleration, harsh braking and cornering also playing a role.

driver-scorecard via

The results within one year:

  • Improved average fleet safety score by 28%.
  • Lowered the accident rate to 3 accidents per million miles (down from 5+ accidents/million)
  • Reduced the number of high risk drivers by 87%!

3 Keys to a Safer Fleet

The data provided by Geotab gives you the tools to improve safety in your fleet. But it helps to have a plan for implementing these tools for the best possible results.

Black & Veatch credits the success of the Geotab experiment to three main factors which have driven the safety improvements in their fleet:

  1. Being open with their drivers: letting them know exactly what the issues are that you’re monitoring, and that they’re having problems with.
  2. Being transparent: Allowing employees to see the information. Geotab makes it very easy to export and share various levels of data, depending on your needs!
  3. Providing Guidance: Some drivers may be understandably reluctant to have their vehicles and driving habits monitored via GPS. Establishing clear communication, and regular guidance will help them understand the true goals of the initiative.

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GPS to GO – Now You Know

A common objections we face from business owners in our efforts to spread the GPS fleet tracking revolution is, ‘my drivers won’t be happy about it.’

In reality, implementing a GPS fleet tracking solution is a great way to reward your best drivers, while correcting the behavior of your drivers that have negative habits or attitudes.

Of course, hiring new drivers and replacing old ones can drain your resources and be disruptive to your core operations, so you want to keep your good employees happy and minimize that employee churn. And making use of Geotab GPS fleet tracking can be an excellent way to retain your best and brightest.

It might seem counter to what you would think, so let’s look at how that works.



How Geotab Helps You Keep Your Drivers Happy

Heather Carlton of Geotab suggests that there are five main reasons that drivers leave their employers:

  • Compensation or mileage
  • Lack of home time
  • Weak dispatch and load planning
  • Not happy with manager or supervisor
  • Policies and procedures

Now let’s take a look at how integrating a GPS fleet tracking solution can address some of those issues, improving your company’s culture and helping you hang on to the best workers in your fleet.

Rewarding Your Best Drivers

So let’s say you’ve decided for sure that you’re implementing a solution like Geotab — as an employee, you can understand the benefits of GPS fleet tracking, and the need to make employees accountable for their behavior and their actions.

Any good driver should welcome that with open arms. And drivers who put up a fuss, well… just maybe, they have less-than-honorable reasons for not wanting to be held accountable.

Rather than simply correcting the behavior of your drivers with negative habits (like speeding, idling and the like), you can use GPS tracking data to reward your good drivers. These rewards could include things like the least amount of times that the GPS tracking device detects incidents of speeding, or behavioral issues like the least amount of off-hours use of the vehicle. With Geotab, you have the data you need to get the full picture of your fleet, and make sure your best drivers stick around for the long haul.

Improving route management with GPS Fleet Tracking

A productive employee is, most likely, a happy employee. And nothing increases efficiency and productivity like route management by a Geotab GPS tracking device.

Here’s how Geotab improves route planning and route management:

  • Allows the fleet manager to see where drivers are at all times, allowing them to dispatch the closest one to important calls
  • Provides real-time traffic updates to drivers, so they waste less time and are less frustrated.
  • Allows for better fuel stop coordination
  • Prevents drivers from getting lost and frustrated in unfamiliar areas.
  • More efficiency during working hours can lead to less of a need for overtime hours – giving employees more work-life balance, and reducing costs for fleet managers.

Better routes, and improved productivity: now that’s something both employer and employee can get behind.

Building better policies, procedures and communication

Here are some other benefits that your best employees will appreciate from your GPS fleet management system.

  • Allows for seamless and regular communication between fleet manager and driver;
  • Provides fleet managers with the data they need to modify or improve existing processes, for the benefit of your staff of drivers and the company as a whole
  • Or review employee performance reports together at a later date.

Know which employees are performing best so you can reward and motivate them further.

Improve Your Company Culture with GPS Fleet Tracking

Want to build a better, happier and more productive environment for your best employees? Get rolling with Geotab GPS fleet tracking today, from your expert provider, GPS to GO.

To get a feel for how fleet tracking can improve your fleet, start with our famous $50 GPS fleet tracking trial offer. We send you the device(s) and you try them out on your fleet. They install in seconds so there’s very little setup involved before you can start seeing the benefits. Try it out, and when you’re ready to purchase, let us know and we’ll credit the $50 to your account. Not the right fit for you? No problem – with GPS to GO, there’s NO contract, NO obligation.

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GPS to GO, Now You Know

In the United States, any commercial motor vehicle (CMV) which operates across state lines will soon have to become compliant with the new regulations set out by the FMCSA.
The idea behind the regulations is that companies will have to log their hours of service with electronic logging devices, or ELDs. The ELD replaces traditional paper logs, and synchronizes with the engine of the vehicle to collect, register and report important data automatically.

And time is ticking to make the change.

By December 18, 2017, all paper logs must be replaced by ELDs (those using automatic onboard recording devices, or AOBRD), are allowed as well. By December 16, 2019, all AOBRDs must be replaced by ELDs as well.

While Transport Canada has not yet announced any official rules for Canadian operators yet, it’s a matter of time before similar legislation is implemented north of the 49th parallel.

electronic logging devices for HOS, hours of service

Geotab Drive: HOS Tracking Your Company Needs

If you’re still on the fence about implementing GPS fleet tracking devices into your operations, then consider this the item that makes your decision for you: seamless integration with legislation-compliant HOS Tracking via Geotab Drive.

So what is Geotab Drive, exactly? It’s an app that your drivers can install on their phones and tablets which makes HOS tracking simple. Basically, the app links with your Geotab GPS devices to automate the HOS tracking process, and provides all the tools and features to make verification a snap.

Here’s a 2 minute video that shows you how Geotab can help your fleet compliance.



The best HOS tracking electronic logging device

Geotab GPS fleet tracking, used in combination with the Geotab Drive app is the premier ELD solution on the market today. Here’s why:

  • The app syncs with your existing Geotab GO devices – no additional equipment required – and registers movement automatically when your vehicles are in motion.
  • It’s easy to use, and compatible with Apple, Android, and Windows devices.
  • It’s significantly more cost-effective than comparable solutions on the market – an amazing package at up to 70% less than the other guys!
  • Moving to electronic HOS tracking reduces administration costs, immediately cuts down on paperwork, and minimizes violations.
  • In addition to HOS tracking, the Drive app also offers functionality for Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting and IFTA management.

Get Rolling!

The transition to electronic logging devices may be painful for some companies, but it really doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be an easy transition. Here’s how:

Get rolling with Geotab Fleet Tracking and its industry leading HOS platform today with a $50 Trial offer. We send you the plug-and-play devices – they install in seconds – and you try them out on your fleet. When you’re ready to buy, we credit you the $50 per tester device. Not the right fit for you? No problem. No hassle, no contracts, no obligations. That’s our commitment to you from the team here at GPS to GO.

Remember, beyond the industry-best HOS technology, GPS fleet tracking has some serious business benefits: lower costs, safer driving, improved productivity, better maintenance and security, and the power of data to get your fleet running to its full potential. Get rolling today!

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Russ Salo, President
GPS to GO, Now You Know


One of the many things that sets Geotab apart from the pack when it comes to GPS Fleet Tracking is its integration with add-ons, accessories and apps. Apps allow you, as the fleet manager, to download a variety of add-ons that use the data your Geotab devices collect, in all sorts of different ways.

That’s on the software side of things. On the hardware side, there are some incredible options out there on the market now that integrate with your existing Geotab system to add to its benefits as an all-in-one fleet management solution.

gps apps and add-ons

To help you better understand how these all can be used, let’s explore the broad categories of apps, add-ons and solutions available on the Geotab Marketplace – which is, essentially, an app store for your Geotab device. Many of these are free to download and integrate.

MyGeotab Add-Ins: These can be integrated with the MyGeotab platform to give you access to more info, or lay out the information in different ways.

Hardware Accessories & Add-Ons: For the most part, these are physical add-ons to your Geotab fleet tracking devices, adding features like video monitoring, temperature monitoring, in-vehicle feedback, or a range of other options.

Mobile Apps: Seamlessly integrate features from Geotab with you, or your drivers’, existing mobile apps.

General Software Solutions: Apps grouped in this section cover a variety of purposes and uses.

Now, let’s take a look at a few of these third party options that really illustrate the range of the functionality you can add to your Geotab GPS fleet tracking system and MyGeotab management platform. Keep in mind, there are many, many more apps and options available on the Geotab Marketplace, so definitely be sure to check it out for yourself.

  • Greenmile: Improve Route Planning & Execution
    This route optimization app/reporting platform allows you to efficiently measure the effectiveness of your routes. It makes use of Geotab’s real-time telematics data, in combination with industry-leading routing software.

    Developer GreenMile describes it as delivering: “Vehicle telematics & GPS data, route execution, real-time actual vs plan (AvP) data, and vehicle tracking all from within the same application.”


  • Geotab Drive. Geotab Drive is the industry-leading solution for electronic onboard Hours of Service Tracking. It integrates seamlessly with your existing Geotab fleet tracking devices, so that it automatically logs when your drivers’ status changes to It’s the truly modern HOS tracking platform, and best of all, it comes in around 70% less of the cost than the competition. Check out more info on our HOS Tracking app page.

  • Driver’s Camera (Zone Defence) A high-resolution camera that installs in minutes. Front facing and in-cab cameras are both options. This provides telematics information, photographic evidence and coaching opportunities. Cameras can be triggered by pre-set events, such as speeding, sudden stops and more. And the Zone Defence system seamlessly links right into your MyGeotab platform, adding another layer to Geotab as an all-in-one fleet management solution.

  • fleetFLIX . Currently in beta testing but coming on the market soon, fleetFLIX offers video and pictures on demand from fleet vehicles at the press of a button in the software or with automated monitoring of exceptions. Video monitoring is a feature that’s gathering increasing interest, so keep an eye out for more apps to come along these lines.

  • Remote Diagnostics (OnCommand Connection by Navistar). Remote Diagnostics makes use of the Geotab SDK, providing managers with a comprehensive update regarding their vehicles maintenance needs. Fleet managers are alerted whenever there’s a fault code fed through the system, allowing you to easier manage your fleet’s maintenance costs, downtime and repair decisions.

  • Advanced Collision Prevention (Mobileye): Mobileye attaches to the inside of the driver’s windshield and links with your Geotab device. It is built to reduce the amount of accidents and severity of accidents in your fleet by providing audible alerts in the event of an imminent collision. These threats can also include other safety hazards, such as improper lane changes, or not leaving enough of a gap between other vehicles. Through its integration with the Geotab platform, the data is transmitted to the fleet manager, who can then take a number of courses with the information and apply corrective action.

  • Maps BI – Interactive Dashboards: Maps BI utilizes your existing Geotab data to provide instant access to highly-visual, beautiful and easy-to-understand dashboards. The pre-loaded dashboards shine a spotlight on important aspects of your fleet management, such as route optimization, safety, customer management and more; all while making use of graphs, charts and other visual elements to make the data easy to understand – and act upon.

  • Reefer Temperature Monitoring (Valor TempTrac): Companies who deliver frozen goods, or high-value assets such as pharmaceuticals via refrigerated transport need to make sure that their refrigeration is operating correctly, or risk taking a massive hit. Valor TempTrac is an add-in to your Geotab unit that allows you to do exactly that. It monitors up to four temperature zones simultaneously and transmits temperature readings through your device to MyGeotab in real time. It’s just one more way that Geotab can function as an all-in-one fleet tracking and management solution for your fleet.

    Get Rolling with Your Fleet Management

    Take your fleet tracking to the next level. It’s easy to get started with Geotab GPS. Take advantage of our famous $50 GPS trial offer. Here’s how it works: We send you the devices to try on your fleet; you try them out. They are plug-and-play and install in literally seconds. When you’re ready to buy, we we credit your account for $50 per trial device. There’s no contract, no hassle, and no obligation.

    Once you’re set up, you can test and experiment with all the apps, add-ins and accessories that help make Geotab a perfect fleet management tool for your business.

    What are you waiting for? Get rolling today!

    Russ Salo, President

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