We pride ourselves on being able to offer the best quality and the highest level of support to our clients. Remember, when you are a customer of GPS to GO, you enjoy free, ongoing technical support and training for whenever you need it.


Support Tickets

To submit a Support Ticket, please call our support line 1-613-680-8402 or simply send an e-mail for a fast and efficient answer to your question.


Hardware Installations

Information on installing tracking devices, using different connection cables, and setting up further functionality such as Garmin integration. View hardware support.


Software Training

For helpful videos on using all the various features of the Geotab Checkmate fleet management software. View software support.

Other Resources

Compatible Garmin Navigation Devices?

Geotab is compatible with Garmin devices that support the FMI 45 or FMI 15 cable.

Compatible Satellite Modems?

Used primarily as a backup means of communication, the Iridium Satellite modem can be integrated with our tracking devices.

Other Third Party Integration?

Our fleet tracking system can be integrated with other technology platforms. View list of approved providers here.

Geotab Drive – Support and Training?

Geotab Drive Compliance Guide   Geotab Drive App Manual