ELD Mandate

Trucks from several manufacturers come with GPS ready hardware already installed

Good news for operators of certain truck lines!

Did you know that several manufacturers produce trucks that already have GPS enabled hardware and don’t require any additional items?

All that is required to enable GPS tracking and telematics is a subscription with a GPS service like Geotab. These manufacturers include Mack, Volvo, and International.


Information for Mack Trucks: https://www.geotab.com/mack/

Information for Volvo Trucks: https://www.geotab.com/volvo-trucks/

Information for International Trucks: https://www.geotab.com/international-trucks/


Geotab provides a number of benefits for trucks already possessing GPS tracking capable hardware. Using GPS data and telematics helps business realize significant solutions and outcomes for fleet managers, including:

Better Safety: Utilize reports to help improve driver behavior, communication and identification.

Optimization: Cut down on fuel costs with usage and efficiency reports while keeping vehicles operating at peak performance with preventative maintenance reporting capabilities.

Sustainability: Increase vehicle uptime with engine fault reporting for proactive vehicle maintenance.

Expandability: Increase the capabilities of your GPS and ELD solution with easy install 3rd party apps for further functionality.

Additionally, if you are a Canadian fleet manager looking to comply with the Canadian Government’s ELD Mandate of 2021, these GPS capable trucks can easily add ELD reporting.

Geotab Drive offers a number of optimization and efficiency solutions for Volvo Truck owner / operators, fleet managers, and more. If you would like to learn how Geotab could help your business, click here to connect with our team!

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