5 Fleet Tracking Features You’ve Got to Check Out in 2016

With the changeover on the calendar into a new year, you should be thinking about new opportunities for your business. And if your company uses vehicles at all, you should definitely be thinking about how to maximize your revenues by making use of GPS fleet tracking and telematics data.

Here are 5 features that have fleet managers excited about Geotab… and why you should make the move to fleet tracking in 2016.



Real-Time Fleet Tracking:

Know where your fleet is at all times and keep an eye on your vehicles at all times – even when they’re not on the clock. Have your drivers get notifications for unsafe driving behavior, and improve your company’s customer service by providing clients and customers with accurate ETAs.

marketplace-geotab-gps3rd party app and accessory integration:

Your Geotab device, combined with the MyGeotab fleet management platform, is already an industry-leading GPS tracking setup. But combined with the amazing (and often, free) apps in the Geotab Marketplace… and the hardware accessories available from third party developers… the possibilities for your fleet tracking applications are virtually endless.

Simple set-up:

We know that for fleet operators and managers, downtime can be a killer. Well, no need to worry about that with Geotab. The GPS units can be installed in seconds – literally. Check out the video below to see it installed on various cars, vans and trucks, from SUVs to tractor trailers. Geotab offers the simplest set-up on the market today!

The Easiest Electronic Logbook HOS Tracking Solution:

With new regulations coming down the pipe for electronic logbook HOS tracking in the United States, fleet managers everywhere want to get themselves compliant, with minimal investment and resources. The Geotab Drive app connects seamlessly with your drivers’ mobile devices, allowing them to automatically log and track hours of service. Oh, and did we mention that this HOS tracking setup costs about 70% less than what “the other guys” are offering?

Effortless Route Planning:

real-time-fleet-trackingHow much time are you losing to drivers taking bad routes? Or by not optimizing your drivers’ daily schedules so they can hit the most spots? Or by having drivers get stuck in bad traffic jams or construction zones? Geotab’s state-of-the-art route planning functionality makes it easy to:

  • Dispatch the closest driver.
  • Get live traffic analysis to avoid those traffic jams or construction areas.
  • Automatically give your drivers the best, fastest route to get to their next stop.

Check out our page on route planning for fleets for more info, and a case study video.

Get Rolling Today with Geotab

GPS to GO makes it easier than ever to try GPS tracking in your fleet with our $50 GPS Vehicle Tracking Trial Offer. It works like this: we’ll send you the plug and play devices to test on your vehicles. They install in seconds and you’ll be up and running in a flash. There’s no obligation, no hassle, and no contract to sign – it’s yours to test for your business.

When you’re ready to purchase, we’ll credit the $50 to your account.

Get rolling today with Geotab fleet tracking!

Happy tracking,

Russ Salo, President

GPS to Go, now you know