The Benefits of Using Telematics for Snow Operations

Mother Nature waits for no one, which is why having a reliable telematics solution is so crucial to snow operations companies during the winter months as road conditions can greatly impact public safety in the blink of an eye and fleets need to be prepared to react just as quickly. If you manage snow operations for a business of any size which doesn’t use telematics already, keep reading for information on how telematics can keep your fleet costs from spinning out of control this winter season by helping you plow and salt and grit roads quickly and efficiently with public safety as priority number one.

Locate Your Vehicles in a Jiffy and Ensure they’re Ready to Get to Work

When a winter storm starts, the snow and sleet won’t stop if you’re not prepared to deploy your fleet. By using telematics for your fleet of snowplows, salt/sand trucks and various supporting equipment, you have the ability to see where your vehicles are located and what condition they’re in. Since some fleets and pieces of equipment are of varying sizes some companies keep fleet vehicles at multiple yards across a particular region. Geotab’s telematics solution will show all vehicles on one easy-to-use platform, and through regular use of the platform owners and/or fleet managers can see any vehicles that are needing fueling or maintenance so any issues are addressed before the vehicles or equipment are needed to leave the yard and get to work.

Optimize Route Planning and Know Which Streets Have Been Plowed, Salted and Sanded

By using the Geotab telematics solution, fleet owners and managers can efficiently plan routes or integrate their telematics solution with existing route planning add-ons to ensure the most effective routes are being chosen to cover as much area in the shortest amount of time.
Telematics can also detect when plows are up or down and when spreaders on or off. This allows better management of the salt or sand loads and managers can ensure loads are being used efficiently to cover as much distance as needed without being wasteful.

Track Vehicles and Protect Your Operators

By knowing where your vehicles are at all times you can better manage public inquiries on when their streets will be taken care of. Through tracking add-ons, some snow operations fleets allow a live-feed or tracking map online to show where their vehicles are and an expected arrival time for residents so they can stop worrying that they’ve been missed or forgotten about.
By having eyes on your fleet and their movements throughout their shift, you also add a level of protection for your operators and business on a larger scale by being able to exonerate operators against false claims of property damage or risky driving.
The winter months can be messy and chaotic in many ways, but by choosing Geotab’s telematics solution for your snow operations fleet you can keep your business’s processes and procedures clean and efficient so you’re ready to go when the snowflakes fly and freezing rain falls.

Contact GPS to GO today to get set up with the Geotab telematics solution for your snow operations business and prove how you put safety first and save time and money for your business in the process too!