The Benefits of Choosing Electric Vehicles for your Fleet

Substantial Fuel Cost

While choosing electric vehicles may not be the best option
for some businesses, there are many businesses which could see significant
benefits and cost savings by changing out their gas or diesel fleet vehicles
for electric vehicles. Below are some of the most significant benefits
businesses can see from going green with their fleet.

It’s important to note that there are a variety of electric
vehicles so the exact fuel cost savings can differ depending on which option a
company chooses for their fleet (fully battery powered, or hybrid gas/electric
models). Even if a company chooses a hybrid gas/electric model vehicle, the
savings in the amount of fuel used will be substantial beginning immediately
after incorporating the new vehicles into the fleet. Obviously, if a fully
battery powered model is chosen then the fuel costs drop to zero. While the
electricity usage costs will go up for a company incorporating electric
vehicles into their fleet, there are many other benefits to choosing electric
which will help outweigh the increase in electricity costs.

Less Maintenance and
Maintenance Costs

Since electric vehicles have fewer moving parts when
compared to internal combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles require less
maintenance and thus have lower maintenance costs. In fact, an electric motor
only consists of one moving part, the shaft, which is very reliable and
requires little or no maintenance. Most other aspects of the car, being
electronic devices, consist of no moving parts, so like the shaft require
little or no maintenance.


The environmental benefits of choosing electric vehicles are
perhaps the most well-known benefits as they are typically the main selling
points in the marketing strategy for promoting electric vehicles. There is no
doubt that electric vehicles are a better choice for the environment and the environmental
benefit can be seen most clearly through improvements in air pollution and air
quality. This is an important benefit particularly for decreasing strain on the
public health systems, reducing health issues associated with poor air quality,
and is essential for companies with commitments to reducing emissions and carbon
footprints. Although not the ultimate solution to stop global warming, the
switch to electric vehicles does at least help slow down the onset.

Safety Benefits

A bonus benefit for businesses who choose electric vehicles
for their fleets is the increased safety which comes along with the vehicles.
While all passenger vehicles are required to go through strenuous safety and
crash tests, electric vehicles have a few features which make them even safer
for drivers – what business manager or fleet manager doesn’t like the sound of
that? Due to the heavy battery packs in electric vehicles, their centre of mass
is much lower than a typical gas or diesel powered vehicle, which makes them
less likely to roll over in the event of a collision. Also, due to the lower
amount, or absence, of fuel in electric vehicles, the vehicles are far less
likely to catch fire in the event of a collision in comparison to gas or diesel
fueled vehicles.

It’s easy to see that electric vehicles can provide a number
of business benefits to those companies which choose to transition their fleet
vehicles to electric models. Not only are you saving your business money when
you choose electric, you’re also helping the environment and offering safer
vehicles for your fleet members. The benefits of choosing electric vehicles
also increase when paired with the GPS telematics devices GPS to GO is so proud
to stand behind as they unleash a new level of management for your fleet to get
the most out of your fleet vehicles whether you currently have gas- or
diesel-powered vehicles or electric vehicles. For more information on how GPS
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