How to Select the Right ELD Solution for Your Business

Looking to select an ELD solution that is perfect for your organizational needs and structure? When fleet managers implement the proper ELD solution they’re ultimately setting the company, its operations and its drivers up for success. How so you might ask? ELD solutions ensure that you’re adhering to government regulations, are mandate compliant, increase overall safety and boost efficiencies and productivity dramatically.

GEOTAB is one universal device for any Class of Vehicle! That includes trucks, transports, taxi, light-duty, van, box truck, and bucket trucks to name a few!

When selecting an ELD solution it’s recommended that the unit can fit any class of vehicle. The methodology behind this is that your team won’t need to be trained on several different systems therefor reducing complications and inefficiencies.

Speed and ease of installation in a plug and play format is certainly ideal when selecting which electronic logging device your company should roll out company wide. If simplicity isn’t present when attempting to operate the device and it’s complicated at the point of installation you should more often than not reconsider your options.

GEOTAB is easy to upgrade and adapts and evolves with the ever so changing landscape of the industry. The one feature that really stands out in our opinion is that it’s a cloud-based solution that offers its fair share of benefits. The three main benefits we feel are important to mention are:

• Extremely reliable

In the highly unlikely event that your device malfunctions no data will be loss as a result from being hosted on the cloud!


• Longer Battery Life

Another remarkable advantage of being in the cloud is that the device is only triggered to open when a notification needs to be pushed to the driver. The device isn’t running constantly in the background and as a result uses a fraction of its power!


• Coverage

Out of a cellular coverage area? Not to worry! Once a vehicle is out of the coverage area the data is stored and once a connection is reestablished updated to the cloud!

With Geotab you can securely connect commercial vehicles to the internet and provide advanced analytics that enables you to manage your fleet effortlessly. The MyGeotab feature has an open platform and marketplace that provides businesses of any size, big or small, the opportunity to integrate the data pulled from your devices with back office software. If you’re looking for a solution that boasts innovation, compatibility, simplicity and affordability contact us today with any questions you may have. If you’re directly looking for costs you can request a quote and one of our specialists will respond based on your requirements. With GPS to Go being an authorized Geotab reseller the great thing is that you can trial out the product and make and educated decision on whether or not it’s a right fit for your company before a company wide roll out.

GPS to Go is a proud provider of GPS fleet tracking solutions to company fleets across the U.S. and Canada and your organization will never be charged for any sort of roaming fees. Whether the business is in delivery, transportation, home services, utilities, or public transit, our solutions have found a place and are continuing to yield great benefits to our clients. We offer straightforward monthly pricing: no contracts, no activation feeds, and no surprises with free, unlimited and ongoing technical support & training. If customer service is important to you reach out to one of our specialists today! You’ll be happy with your GPS to Go product. Over 90% of our customers start off with our $50 trial offer and over 90% of them decide to purchase within the first month.