Reduce Fuel Costs with GPS Fleet Tracking

Like death and taxes, it seems that rising fuel costs is one of the few certainties in life. The cost of fuel is one of the largest day-to-day operational costs that fleet managers face, and with the price being out of your control, the only way to keep your budget in check is to actively monitor and reduce the amount that your fleet uses.

This is one of the greatest benefits of integrating Geotab GPS Fleet Tracking from GPS to GO with your fleet. Here are a few ways that Geotab is the perfect fleet tracking solution to reduce your organization’s fuel costs.

Reducing Fuel Costs with GPS Fleet Tracking

Behavioral Changes:

The way your drivers use your company’s vehicles can add up to a lot of wasted fuel. Here are some of the driving behaviors that installing a GPS tracking system can help curtail in your fleet:

Speeding: This is a big drain on fuel, and Geotab can assist in reducing this in two ways – either actively, via in-car notifications, or passively, via fleet manager reporting. Not only will you save on fuel consumption by reducing speeding in your fleet, but there are also the benefits of improved safety and company image on the roads. As an example, see how a large company has implemented strict rules against speeding, which have helped them reduce costs in a number of ways.

Idling: You might not think that idling makes a big difference to fuel consumption in your fleet, but you only need to read some of the experiences that past Geotab fleet managers have had once installing the devices to know otherwise. It’s amazing how much a couple minutes of idling at a time, here and there, with multiple drivers, can add to your fleet’s fuel costs. Here’s one example of an organization that reduced idle times by 31% per day on their trucks after installing Geotab devices.

Aggressive acceleration, harsh cornering & harsh braking: Not only does this cause excessive wear-and-tear on a vehicle, shortening its life span and increasing maintenance costs, but these sorts of behaviors can really add on to fuel costs as well.

Greater Efficiency:

real-time-fleet-trackingGeotab offers fleet managers the potential to get more productivity [link] out of their employees. When it comes to fuel savings, that can manifest itself in the following ways:

Route optimization: Drivers always know the quickest, most efficient route from Point A to Point B.

Limit time (and fuel) lost to confusion on locations: The era of circling around the block to search for a location, or idling to check on a map book is over.

Reducing unauthorized uses: Reduce or eliminate unscheduled trips, after-hours use of company vehicles and drivers congregating with each other, which for some organizations has a big impact on the bottom line.

GPS Fleet Tracking Reports:

The MyGeotab software comes pre-loaded with several reports that allow you to accurately monitor and measure your fleet’s fuel consumption:

fuel-usageIdle Time Report: Know exactly how long each driver/vehicle has idled for each day, week, or month. Use that to actively monitor and correct the drivers’ habits.

Fuel Usage Report: For each of your drivers, see fuel used, distance driven, and fuel economy; use this report to spot outliers from the norm and address the driver’s fuel usage with them.

Driver Score: Many Geotab users find this to be a very helpful tool that helps them to assess the overall performance and efficiency of their drivers; it’s also an easy way to see speeding incidents, idle time and after-hours vehicle use in one convenient format.

GPS Driver Tracking

Save on Fuel Costs for Your Business:

Try a Geotab system from GPS to GO with our $50 trial offer. We’ll send you the GPS tracking system, you install it and try it out. When you’re ready to buy, we’ll credit the $50 to your account, and if you’re not completely satisfied, there’s no obligation and you can cancel anytime. Put the wheels in motion towards lower fuel costs for your fleet, and get rolling today.

Happy tracking,

Russ Salo, President

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