Public Transit GPS for More Accurate Scheduling and Bus Stop Planning

GPS to GO has been brought on board to help in the installation of over 900 OC Transpo buses for the Clever Devices company out of Plainview NY USA.

SmartBus technology improves bus riders’ experience by providing tools to integrate real-time communication and improved reliability into the City’s bus fleet. The new SmartBus technology, which is being provided by Clever Devices, a U.S.-based transit technology company that has successfully employed tailored transit technology in a number of large American cities, including Chicago and Washington, provides a number of improvements to customer service:

  • The Next Stop Announcement System (NSAS) technology provides announcements of bus stops in both French and English.
  • Availability of real-time information regarding actual bus locations via multiple sources, such as the Internet, portable wireless devices and electronic signage at stations.
  • On-board public service announcements that deliver messages on behalf of OC Transpo, including unplanned detours.
  • On-board emergency messages co-ordinated with external emergency events, such as Amber Alerts.
  • Reduction in the set-up and maintenance cost of establishing a wireless platform for the SmartCard system, as the SmartCard technology can be integrated into the SmartBus system.

In addition, the new technology provides greater communication and monitoring capabilities, which result in increased bus reliability and availability. The Clever Devices platform integrates an advanced GPS, enabling staff to produce more accurate schedules and allowing for continuous improvement in system design and bus stop planning.