Video Testimonial: Fleet Tracking for EMCO, Canada’s Commercial Plumbing Supplier

Below is our latest video testimonial with Jarrett Chalmers, operations manager at EMCO, Canada’s largest and oldest commercial plumbing supplier. Jarrett oversees their warehouse and daily operations, including shipping and receiving, and customer service. Listen as he talks about the benefits of using our GPS fleet tracking technology – including our plug n’ play GPS tracking devices and fleet management software.



Reasons their business needed GPS tracking:

  • To verify whereabouts of drivers.
  • Ensure deliveries were on time.
  • Ensure operations were as efficient as possible.


But GPS to GO wasn’t their first GPS fleet tracking provider! Jarrett says that GPS to GO offered more features than their previous supplier at a comparable, if not lower rate.


Benefits they gained from our fleet tracking solutions:

  • Installation process itself with the Plug-N-Play devices was easy and quick with no downtime.
  • Keeping track of regular vehicle maintenance became automated, freeing up a lot of workers’ time.
  • Customer service – their customers want to know when deliveries are coming, and they can now provide exceptionally accurate ETA’s.
  • They are more efficient at sequencing and route planning.
  • Billing is consistent, concise, easily laid out, and exactly as described.


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