In these videos we will go over the GPS components you may receive and some of the terminology and assembly instructions for the product. Every groomer in the OFSC will receive one of the cellular GO- Rugged Cellular GPS devices ( Black plastic unit with a serial # beginning with “G9” ) and the appropriate cable to provide power from the groomer. Each kit that you will receive will be earmarked for the specific groomer with its groomer code written on the white label on the outside of the cardboard box. Groomers that are in District 11 and above will also receive the Iridium Satellite add on ( Silver metal box with black plastic antenna with red 3M 2 way tape & Serial # beginning with “213” & the term “IOX” on the lable) that connects to the GO- Rugged GPS Cellular device. **Please Make sure to tighten all fittings and all connection points when assembling and installing these products.** For Technical Support or other questions please reach out to us at 613-695-0444 or you can also email