New GO6 Driver ID System by GEOTAB

We are excited to say that GEOTAB has introduced the GO6 Driver ID system that will now let you track multiple drivers for the same vehicle!

GeoTab Driver ID



The new Driver ID system includes a reader device which attaches to the GPS device itself, and a driver ID tag which the driver carries with them. The system was developed in cooperation with NFC Technology for a truly wireless process where the driver need only press the button on their tag to activate themselves as the driver for the route. This avoids wear and tear on any physical connection points, and makes it more seamless for switching drivers.

How it Works

  • There is now support for drivers switching while the vehicle is on (the second driver logs off the first driver when they log in). Note – The first driver (Driver A) who touched their tag before ignition was turned on will be associated with the current trip. If someone else touches their tag (Driver B) during a trip, Driver B will be associated with that trip.
  • If the driver forgets to log in then the vehicle will be associated to the previously logged in driver. Note – Customers can add a custom parameter that logs the driver out of the system upon Ignition Off if so desired.
  • Tags are not assigned to IOXs. All driver ID tags will be readable by any NFC IOX. The data on the tag is sent up to checkmate as driver ID.
  • Immobilization is available. The driver must touch their tag in order to start the vehicle. The goals behind immobilization (if so enabled) is not to stop theft but rather it is a reminder that they didn’t insert their driver ID for logging purposes. Note – If the customer enables immobilization without having the circuitry hooked up, the device will beep until the driver swipes the fob. Note – If you also want immobilization you must order HRN-RELAYKIT and specify that it is for GO6.
  • While Passenger tags are planned for a future release, passengers are not supported in the July 1 release.

More info on setting up Driver Keys and details of operation can be found in the Product Guide once ordered.

Requirements for the IOX-NFC System

  • MyGeotab – Any database running MyGeotab production software (i.e. any database hosted by Geotab)
  • GO6 devices – Any GO6 device running 101.2.61 or later


Order your Driver ID system through MyAdmin of your GeoTab interface today!

Happy tracking,
Russ Salo, President
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