The New Geotab Drive App!

We at GPS to GO are pleased to announce the brand new mobile app from Geotab! The app works on all Android devices, including your phone and tablet.

Geotab Drive Android App

What Does the Geotab Drive App Do?

Geotab Drive is a smart in-vehicle application for your driver’s Android device, connected to the MyGeotab fleet management software and the Geotab GPS tracker device.

Geotab Drive offers your fleet drivers the following services:

  1. DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting)

Geotab Drive App Vehicle Inspection

  1. HOS (Hours of Service)

Geotab Drive App Hours of Service

  1. Driver Identification

The app is still in beta mode, so you may experience some temporary performance issues while Geotab irons out the app. However, already customers are talking about how useful a tool Geotab Drive is. So far the consensus is that the app is easy-to-use and works well in automatically keeping track of driver hours, and not to mention it makes vehicle inspections faster and more efficient.

Additional features, such as messaging, are forthcoming in future releases.

geotab drive app

Click Here Download the Geotab Drive App From the Google Play Store!

Compliancy: Geotab certifies that the design of the app has been tested to meet the requirements of § 395.15 of 49 CFR Part 395 under the conditions it will be used, as set forth in the “Geotab Drive System Operation Guide.”


Happy tracking,

Russ Salo,

President, GPS to GO