Maps BI – the visual data solution for GPS to GO’s Geotab Checkmate


In our latest YouTube videos, Russ Salo chats with the President and CEO of Maps BI, Mike Branch.
Maps BI is an elegant app solution that makes it easy for managers to see the data from your Geotab system in a convenient, interactive way.

What does Maps BI do?

The GPS to GO fleet tracking system with Geotab Checkmate is already the best in the industry, and Maps BI takes it to the next level. Maps BI is a visual analytics dashboard that makes it very easy to access to your location-based data in an interactive way.
Visuals are clean, modern and efficient. Instead of business owners and managers having to draw conclusions from tables and tables of Excel spreadsheets, Maps BI makes a large amount of information a lot easier to take in and digest in a visual way.

What are a few examples of uses for Maps BI?

Really, the possibilities are endless, but as an example, Maps BI includes some “out-of-the-box” reports that are already set up for use. These data sets are pre-loaded to display useful, common concerns for fleet managers, like vehicle stop times, trip information, and fuel management. And all these reports and the data contained within them are highly customizable, allowing you to tinker with them to use Maps BI for whatever your specific fleet tracking needs are.

What are the advantages of using Maps BI?

There are two big plusses to Maps BI:

1. The interactive and highly visual nature of the application allows you to make data-based decisions and assess your information that much quicker;

2. Maps BI allows you to bring multiple data sources in; from a Geotab system, as mentioned, but it also has the ability to integrate data from multiple platforms (like a CRM system, for example) and overlay the data so that it can all be viewed and analyzed in one user-friendly, easy-to-use dashboard.

How do you set up Maps BI?

It’s easy to get started with the Maps BI dashboard. You can connect directly to information from Geotab or a CRM system such as SalesForce in real-time; or, if you want to just use it at a certain point in time, you can upload an Excel Spreadsheet and visualize your data that way.

How do I get Maps BI?

Reach out to GPS to GO today to learn more about Geotab fleet GPS system! We’ll be happy to set up a live demonstration for you to show you how Maps BI can take your Geotab Checkmate data to the next level.