Why Large Fleets Choose Geotab GPS Fleet Tracking

Running a fleet of commercial vehicles efficiently requires effective management on several fronts. There are the logistics of scheduling. There is the necessity of managing vehicle maintenance, and minimizing downtime. There is the need to ensure that your drivers are using safe habits out there on the road. And the requirement that all those elements work together to provide your clients and customers with the best possible service experience. And all of those challenges are multiplied when you’re dealing with a large fleet of vehicles.

gps tracking for large fleets

How GPS Tracking Benefits Large Fleets

GPS Fleet Tracking is the tool that companies with large fleets are turning to in order to tie those elements together: improving efficiency, managing costs, improving driver safety, and maintaining a modern standard of service that companies expect from their suppliers.

So let’s say you’re already on board with the benefits of GPS fleet tracking for business and need to select a supplier. The choices can be dizzying. How do you separate the best from the rest?

You’re in the right place. Geotab is the leader in fleet tracking technology, and scales up easily to help even the largest fleets integrate tracking seamlessly on their vehicles. Here’s what makes Geotab the right choice.

The GPS devices install in seconds.

If you’ve got hundreds, or even thousands of vehicles, you need to get your tracking devices online in the least amount of time. Geotab GPS devices connect to your vehicles’ existing diagnostics port. This allows you to install a unit in less than 30 seconds. Get more details >

Industry leading software to easily give you the insights you need.

The MyGeotab reporting software makes fleet management a snap. It’s built upon years of experience, and gives you the data that you really need, right at your fingertips. Get more details >

Features to help you reduce fleet costs.

Some fleet tracking systems cover a hodgepodge of this or that, but don’t integrate all the features that managers of large fleets depend on to truly impact their bottom line. Geotab truly provides the whole package. Those features allow for easy driver behavior monitoring, more efficient routing for less downtime and fuel usage, and better productivity from your drivers. Get more details >

Nearly unlimited functionality with apps and 3rd party hardware from the Geotab Marketplace.

If you’re like most people and own a smartphone, you know how the huge variety of apps out there can transform your device into whatever you need it to be. The same thing applies for Geotab, which boasts an unmatched  Marketplace to extend the functionality of your fleet tracking system. Get more details >

GPS Tracking for Large Fleets

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You’ve got nothing to lose, so get your trial devices today, and take your business to the next level with Geotab GPS fleet tracking, provided by GPS to GO.

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