Meeting Ottawa Chief of Police at Kiwanis Club Luncheon

Russ Salo here, President of GPS to GO.

As a member of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, I recently had the honour of meeting the Ottawa Chief of Police while at one of our recent luncheon events. Chief Charles Bordeleau has been in policing since 1984 and has been Chief of the Ottawa Police Service since March 5, 2012. He is admirable in all he does for the community, having served on the boards of numerous community organizations and co-chaired the Community Police Action Committee, as well as maintaining strong relationships with public safety and key strategic partners at the City of Ottawa.

Ottawa Chief of Police


The pleasure was all mine, of course.

Read more about Chief Bordeleau’s visit to the Kiwanis Club here.


Happy tracking,

Russ Salo, President