How to Curb Aggressive Driving in Your Fleet

One of the main benefits in a fleet tracking solution is that it can very readily promote safer driving habits. Aggressive driving is very unproductive and unsafe, and here’s why:

  • Aggressive driving results in more wear and tear on the vehicle (hard accelerations, harsh breaking or turns, etc).
  • It creates a bad image of your brand when other drivers see this behaviour.
  • It increases the likeliness of having an accident – causing unnecessary expenses and injury.
  • Fuel consumption is higher with more aggressive driving.
  • It could result in injury or damage to others or their property, possibly giving rise to lawsuits.
  • An accident or traffic violation can result in higher insurance rates.
Safer Driving


As you can see, aggressive driving is only bad news. Luckily, GPS fleet tracking provides a very effective solution.


How GPS Fleet Tracking Curbs Aggressive Driving

  1. As the fleet manager, you receive instant alerts for bad driving habits such as speeding, fast acceleration or harsh turns, as well as reports on your drivers’ overall performance. This gives you the opportunity to provide corrective action and feedback, either instantly on the spot or later as a performance review. In fact, studies show that instant feedback is one of the most effective ways of changing human behaviour.
  2. Just the fact that the drivers know their driving is being monitored is often enough to change their behaviour.


Benefits of a Safer Fleet

  • Better company image and reputation.
  • Drivers are more efficient in their routes and fuel consumption.
  • Less likelihood of accidents or traffic violations – and at least being of fault of such.
  • Improved lifespan of vehicles and less need for maintenance/repairs.
  • A safe driving record can eventually lead to improved insurance rates!

Get started on the road to a safer fleet today, and enjoy all kinds of cost savings. Request a quote here and take advantage of our $50 trial offer.
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Russ Salo, President
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