[Video] How To Know if Drivers are Speeding with Posted Speed Limit Report

This video is a tutorial on how to use the NEW “Posted Speed Limit” function in Geotab Checkmate 5.6. This feature can show you & ALERT you when any of your vehicles goes over the local posted speed limits out in the field.

These rules are very simple to setup. The Geotab GO4, GO5 and GO6 GPS devices have an “In CAB” beeper system which allows you to set beep volume and frequencies for when rules are broken and give on the spot “Driver Feedback” right in the vehicle when a speeding violation occurs..

You can set up notifications for who is told when driving rules are broken. Remember as a quick TIP all Geotab devices have a hidden letter “G” in every serial #  to quickly find them all.




Happy tracking,

Russ Salo,

GPS to GO, now you know