GO6 Garmin Bundle Setup & Features [Video]

The below video is a walkthrough for the complete setup of the Garmin Integration Bundle using a GO6 GPS tracking device by GPS to GO.

Video points:

  • Need a GO6 GPS tracking device, Garmin navigator, and Garmin navigation communication cable.
  • Setting up your GO6 to communicate with a Garmin navigator.
  • Keep cable plugged into GO6 device with a zip-tie.
  • Use another zip-tie to attach GO6 underneath vehicle dash.
  • Garmin should be connected once turn on vehicle by seeing Geotab logo on screen.
  • You can now look through items such as My Stops, Messages, and more.
  • Click GO from your stops to start the route navigation.
  • Send messages back and forth to dispatcher or head office.
  • Back at the shop, the dispatcher can see your route and where the vehicle is.

Happy tracking,

Russ Salo, President
GPS to GO, now you know