How Geotab Can Help Keep Drivers More Accountable

Wouldn’t you love your fleet to a point of only predictive maintenance AND having a way to help keep your drivers more accountable? That’s exactly what one success story from a Geotab customer managed to do.

DC Water was able to use Geotab to manage their drivers in a whole new way. The Director of Fleet Management, Timothy Fitzgerald, had the problem of needing to find a way to better ensure the safety of his vehicles. The solution was found through Geotab fleet tracking technology.

“We wanted to get to a place of predictive maintenance rather than just preventive maintenance,” he said, adding that he chose Geotab for its flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. “It’s a plug-and-play product — I don’t need to drill holes in my units, cabs, or anything else to make it work.”

So, how exactly does Geotab help keep drivers more accountable and provide predictive maintenance to your fleet?

– By monitoring seatbelt use
– By monitoring vehicle speed
– Can help to cut down on ticket costs
– Helping to reduced accidents and potential accidents
– Help you discover potential problem areas in your fleet
– Help find ways to cut down on harsh vehicle use

What can Geotab help provide for you company longer term?

– Cost savings with predictive maintenance instead of just preventative maintenance
– Can help find problem areas in your fleet
– Can lead to more open and honest discussions about safety with your team

Why not get started today?

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Thanks for reading,
Russ Salo, President
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