How GPS Tracking Can Improve Company Morale

A common objections we face from business owners in our efforts to spread the GPS fleet tracking revolution is, ‘my drivers won’t be happy about it.’

In reality, implementing a GPS fleet tracking solution is a great way to reward your best drivers, while correcting the behavior of your drivers that have negative habits or attitudes.

Of course, hiring new drivers and replacing old ones can drain your resources and be disruptive to your core operations, so you want to keep your good employees happy and minimize that employee churn. And making use of Geotab GPS fleet tracking can be an excellent way to retain your best and brightest.

It might seem counter to what you would think, so let’s look at how that works.



How Geotab Helps You Keep Your Drivers Happy

Heather Carlton of Geotab suggests that there are five main reasons that drivers leave their employers:

  • Compensation or mileage
  • Lack of home time
  • Weak dispatch and load planning
  • Not happy with manager or supervisor
  • Policies and procedures

Now let’s take a look at how integrating a GPS fleet tracking solution can address some of those issues, improving your company’s culture and helping you hang on to the best workers in your fleet.

Rewarding Your Best Drivers

So let’s say you’ve decided for sure that you’re implementing a solution like Geotab — as an employee, you can understand the benefits of GPS fleet tracking, and the need to make employees accountable for their behavior and their actions.

Any good driver should welcome that with open arms. And drivers who put up a fuss, well… just maybe, they have less-than-honorable reasons for not wanting to be held accountable.

Rather than simply correcting the behavior of your drivers with negative habits (like speeding, idling and the like), you can use GPS tracking data to reward your good drivers. These rewards could include things like the least amount of times that the GPS tracking device detects incidents of speeding, or behavioral issues like the least amount of off-hours use of the vehicle. With Geotab, you have the data you need to get the full picture of your fleet, and make sure your best drivers stick around for the long haul.

Improving route management with GPS Fleet Tracking

A productive employee is, most likely, a happy employee. And nothing increases efficiency and productivity like route management by a Geotab GPS tracking device.

Here’s how Geotab improves route planning and route management:

  • Allows the fleet manager to see where drivers are at all times, allowing them to dispatch the closest one to important calls
  • Provides real-time traffic updates to drivers, so they waste less time and are less frustrated.
  • Allows for better fuel stop coordination
  • Prevents drivers from getting lost and frustrated in unfamiliar areas.
  • More efficiency during working hours can lead to less of a need for overtime hours – giving employees more work-life balance, and reducing costs for fleet managers.

Better routes, and improved productivity: now that’s something both employer and employee can get behind.

Building better policies, procedures and communication

Here are some other benefits that your best employees will appreciate from your GPS fleet management system.

  • Allows for seamless and regular communication between fleet manager and driver;
  • Provides fleet managers with the data they need to modify or improve existing processes, for the benefit of your staff of drivers and the company as a whole
  • Or review employee performance reports together at a later date.

Know which employees are performing best so you can reward and motivate them further.

Improve Your Company Culture with GPS Fleet Tracking

Want to build a better, happier and more productive environment for your best employees? Get rolling with Geotab GPS fleet tracking today, from your expert provider, GPS to GO.

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Thanks for reading.

Russ Salo, President

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