6 Ways that GPS Tracking Improves Your Fleet’s Productivity

Most businesses that we speak with on a daily basis come to us with the same sorts of problems that they need our GPS systems to address. Many companies want to get a better grasp on where their vehicles are at all times, thereby improving their customer service. Another motivation for managers is to reduce costs

We’ve written before about how GPS has been shown to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs, but one of the things that we sometimes glance over is how installing GPS fleet tracking systems can actually lead to a more productive workforce.

GPS to GO - How Geotab Makes Your Fleet More Productive

So, you’re saying, can GPS tracking actually inspire my workforce to be more productive in the field? You bet it can! Let’s take a look at some of the ways that it works:

Get the power of better route management at your fingertips:

Geotab systems allow you to organize your drivers’ routes like never before. Not only can you use the system to plan better route management ahead of time, you can make on-the-fly adjustments, like assigning the closest driver to an urgent call. That means your employees’ time is better managed.

real-time-fleet-trackingSay goodbye to unauthorized uses of the companies vehicles:

Get instant notifications of off-hours use, unscheduled stopping by your drivers, or your employees taking the “scenic route” to a job. Address these issues on-the-spot with your drivers, or during regular reviews with them, whatever is most convenient for you as the fleet manager.

Knowing that their time is being monitored, your employees will work smarter.

Many of our fleet tracking customers see a big reduction in vehicle idling time, and time that the drivers spend meeting up with each other while they should be on the job.

Gain access to data that lets you know who’s performing well.

In the past, fleet managers might have had an idea about which of their drivers were most productive, but didn’t have the hard data to back that up. With a Geotab fleet tracking system, fleet managers have all the information they need to monitor their employees’ productivity, incentivize the best ones and correct the behavior of the worst.

Reduced Travel Times = Reduced Labor Costs.

We hear it from our clients time-and-time again: installing GPS on their fleet leads to a significant reduction in travel times between jobs. Over the long-haul, that means your employees are making better, more efficient use of company time – they can get to more customers daily, spending less time on the road and devoting more time to their assigned tasks.

gpstogo4Improved Maintenance Monitoring Means Less Downtime for Your Vehicles.

If a few of your trucks are off the road, that can take a big bite out of your bottom line. Geotab offers several features to help you, the fleet manager, monitor the status of your vehicles, including real-time notifications and maintaining a log of scheduled maintenance dates.

The Bottom Line

All of these factors add up to ensure that your employees are at their most productive, and your business is able to operate as efficiently as possible. In summary, let’s revisit the ways that more productive drivers can add to your bottom line:

  • Reduce the time that employees spend idling, or not being active on company time;
  • Eliminate unauthorized uses of your vehicles and reduce unscheduled stops by your drivers;
  • Less time spent idling or taking detours means lower fuel costs for your business;
  • Potentially reduce the amount of overtime pay for your business;
  • With monitoring of your employees, reduce aggressive driving by them in order to make up for wasted time… reducing wear and tear on your fleet;
  • Reach more customers in less time.

Want more productivity out of your fleet?

Get GPS tracking for your business and gain the advantage over your competitors. Try Geotab Fleet Tracking from GPS to GO with our $50 trial offer. We send you the GPS devices to try out. There’s no obligation, and when you’re ready to purchase, we’ll credit the $50 to your account. Get rolling today!

Happy tracking,

Russ Salo, President

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