GPS TRACKING CASE STUDY: 3 Keys to Less Accidents and a Safer Fleet

For a company with 450 fleet vehicles on the road like Black & Veatch, headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, driver safety is critical. The company has many technicians and servicepeople out on the roads each and every day, with some driving up to 7,000 miles (11,000+ km) per month. Needless to say, all that driving makes safety, accidents and liability a major concern. So when the company set out to improve those key metrics, they turned to Geotab GPS Fleet Tracking to help… and saw some amazing results.


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Implementing a Safety Program:

On the whole, Black & Veatch’s goal was to use a solution that could measure drivers’ performance, and motivate a wide-ranging collective of operators to improve performance fleet-wide: improving safety and reducing costs stemming from accidents.

To do so, they implemented Geotab GPS Fleet Tracking and made use of some key tools and data that the Geotab system provides.

Driver Safety Scorecard:  A summary report that allows fleet managers to easily identify driver behaviour. From the original case study on

The driver scorecard allowed Black & Veatch to clearly pinpoint issues and see which drivers or vehicles needed additional training. … A policy was developed to help ensure all drivers followed specific safety guidelines, with driver safety scores reported each month to supervisors, the management team, and communicated to employees.

The safety scorecard is a simple, but highly effective way to gauge the safe driving of your employees. It allows you to customize the factors that affect someone’s score. In Black & Veatch’s case, the big factors were speeding and seatbelt use, with excessive acceleration, harsh braking and cornering also playing a role.

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The results within one year:

  • Improved average fleet safety score by 28%.
  • Lowered the accident rate to 3 accidents per million miles (down from 5+ accidents/million)
  • Reduced the number of high risk drivers by 87%!

3 Keys to a Safer Fleet

The data provided by Geotab gives you the tools to improve safety in your fleet. But it helps to have a plan for implementing these tools for the best possible results.

Black & Veatch credits the success of the Geotab experiment to three main factors which have driven the safety improvements in their fleet:

  1. Being open with their drivers: letting them know exactly what the issues are that you’re monitoring, and that they’re having problems with.
  2. Being transparent: Allowing employees to see the information. Geotab makes it very easy to export and share various levels of data, depending on your needs!
  3. Providing Guidance: Some drivers may be understandably reluctant to have their vehicles and driving habits monitored via GPS. Establishing clear communication, and regular guidance will help them understand the true goals of the initiative.

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