3 Add-Ons to Take Your GPS Tracking to the Next Level

We sell GPS Tracking Devices to a very wide range of businesses, from cleaning companies to HVAC Installers, to food distributors. One of the things are clients unanimously love about Geotab, and one of its best features on the whole, is its total flexibility to suit the needs of your business.

The MyGeotab platform provides a powerful, intuitive dashboard for you to monitor your fleet of workers, and your vehicles’ usage and maintenance needs. Still, some of our customers require even more data, or more concise ways to organize and digest their data. It’s all about finding the best way to tailor the system, and the data received, to the particular needs of our customers’ business.

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to attend the 2014 Geotab Dealer Conference in Florida.  While there, we were able to meet lots of companies with amazing products and ideas that integrate seamlessly with Geotab. Here are three that really stood out to us.


GPS Third Party Integration


maps-biMaps BI is an app that takes works directly with your existing Geotab data and makes it even more interactive and intuitive. Think of it as a plug-in which provides an advanced visual analytics dashboard. The whole idea of Maps BI (the BI stands for ‘business intelligence’) is to take a large amount of data, and make it as simple as possible to look at it, analyze it, and make a judgment.

The other great thing about Maps BI is that it allows you to import data from various sources. So if you use a CRM system like SalesForce, for example, you can integrate that with your Geotab data in one easy-to-read dashboard. We went into more depth about this app in a previous post, so check out some more information on Maps BI here.



This company specializes in transmission equipment for public safety, energy safety, and ‘lone worker’ scenarios. They provide products and solutions to enhance worker safety in a number of industries, from fire and law enforcement, to mining and electrical workers. Their SuperCELL SC500-GPS is a Two-Way Emergency Signaling Personal Safety Alarm can be summed up as Man-Down Alert System.

Worker safety can be significantly enhanced with their products’ seamless integration into the Geotab platform. It’s a very cost-effective solution for lone workers who are consistently working in different environments and locations. Find out more about Grace Industries’ third-party Geotab integration at their website.


Zone Defence Geotab integrationZONE DEFENSE:

Zone Defense is one of the leading manufacturers of systems for rear and side view vehicle use. The company has made its name on being a leader in this space, and its products protect against frequent dangers, like trucking blind spots, or even monitor danger zones, like marine engines. They now offer a plug-and-play high resolution camera that offers both front and in-cab views. This means that in conjunction with your Geotab device, you’ll have telematics data integrated with video, allowing you to assess or determine fault in case of an accident, with visual proof. The units also boast an array of additional features, such as the ability to automatically record specified ‘events’ and the exact location they occured, and a wide range of other uses.  For more on these and how they could benefit for your business, head on over to their page on the Geotab website.


These are just three of the many companies that have developed third-party integration with Geotab fleet tracking devices to improve on an already-fantastic business solution. But beyond these, there are many more third-party applications and add-ons for Geotab as well. If there’s an add-on you can think of that you think would be useful for your business, there’s a good chance that somebody out there is already doing it. That’s why Geotab offers you the ultimate flexibility in telematics, and will continue to stand as the industry’s best option for many years to come.


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Happy tracking,

Russ Salo, President

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