HOS Tracking, GO TALK, and Interactive Dashboards: Next-Level GPS Integration

You might already know about some of the spectacular benefits that integrating GPS tracking into your company’s fleet can provide. And if so, you know that Geotab GPS fleet tracking units provides out-of-the-box functionality that can greatly improve your fleet’s productivity, lower fleet costs and manage your drivers’ behavior.

But beyond that, there’s so much more you can do to perfectly fit GPS fleet tracking to the exact needs of your company. Here are 3 easy-to-use integrations that can truly take your GPS fleet tracking to the next level – and some videos that really sum up their value to your business.


The Electronic Logbook Solution for HOS Tracking: Geotab Drive

If you’re the manager of a fleet, you’ve probably heard some chatter by now of new hours of service regulations set to take effect in the United States, and likely, Canada in the not-too-distant future.

The Electronic Logbook mandate (ELD) requires use of automatic, electronic logbook solutions for some drivers before November, 2017.

Geotab leaves you well-equipped to make the transition to electronic logbook hours of service tracking, with our simple, seamless Geotab Drive app. The Geotab Drive app can be downloaded onto your drivers’ devices, synced with yours, and linked to your existing Geotab fleet tracking devices.

Once the Drive app is linked with your Geotab fleet tracking unit, it automatically logs when the vehicle is moving. Yes, that means that the app automatically switches status from On Duty mode to Driving mode and vice versa. At the end of the day, the driver just verifies their log, and it’s sent to the fleet manager to sign off on them.

(And best of all, it’s a very cost-effective way to transition your HOS tracking to electronic – 70% less than you thought!)

To see how it works, your best bet is to watch the short video below.



Interested in providing live, in-vehicle verbal feedback for your drivers? The GO TALK for Geotab is a hardware extension that does exactly that. A small speaker unit connects seamlessly with your Geotab GO6 or GO7 unit and sits in the driver’s console. The unit can easily be configured to give immediate feedback to the driver based on whatever rules you program. As Geotab.com mentions, these include:

  • Reminder for a driver to swipe their NFC fob or sticker
  • Revving over a customer-configurable threshold (i.e. 4000 RPMs)
  • Idling beyond a customer-configurable threshold
  • Speeding beyond a customer-configurable threshold
  • Approaching the maximum speed limit defined by the customer
  • “Dangerous Driving” as defined by the customer
  • Seat belt usage (if supported by the vehicle)

But to really understand how it works, you’re best off watching the cool video below – the GO TALK Charger Series, presented by GPS to GO:


Interactive Dashboards from MapsBI

Geotab’s MyGeotab platform offers industry-best data reporting, and is quite sufficient for many business’s needs when it comes to displaying and analyzing their telematics data. But to take things to the next level, there’s MapsBI.

The telematics movement, and GPS fleet tracking, can bring you nearly infinite points of data. Some users can even suffer from data overload – how do you manage all this to get good insights for your business? MapsBI takes your existing data and presents it in a series of beautiful, visual and easy-to-follow graphical dashboards.

Watch below for a brief video that explains it all.


Get Rolling Today!

Whether your fleet consists of a few vehicles, or a few hundred, GPS fleet tracking can give your company the advantage you need to get the leg up on your competitors.

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