Our GPS Fleet Tracking Saves Employee’s Life

What could have been a tragedy was luckily avoided through the use of GPS fleet tracking devices on the company vehicles of an elevator service company called Trident Elevator, in Scarborough Ontario.
Trident Elevator had been using our GPS fleet tracking solution for more than three years already when the incident occurred. They chose to adopt GPS tracking in the first place to better track and dispatch their mechanics in real time.
On one recent day during the dispatcher’s usual operations, she soon realized that one of the drivers had become unresponsive, and that the vehicle was not moving. She sent someone to check on the driver right away, only to discover he had had a heart attack. They were able to call 911 in time to save’s the man’s life.

Our GPS fleet tracking services here at GPS to GO can offer a world of benefits to your business, but being able to say that it saved an employee’s life is the biggest benefit of all.
Happy tracking,
Russ Salo, President
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