How GPS Fleet Tracking Can Make Your Employees Drive Safer

One of the common things reported by companies that have implemented GPS Fleet Tracking systems is that once they start using Geotab devices in their fleet, they see their vehicle operators driving safer.

GPS Fleet Tracking - Driver Safety
Here are a few examples of real-life results that some companies have seen after implementing GPS devices to their vehicles:

Reporting is Power

You get the idea. Businesses in a wide variety of industries have seen excellent improvements to their driver safety statistics after introducing Geotab GPS fleet tracking units. One of the most important features of the MyGeotab platform is that it offers a number of pre-loaded reports that allow you to monitor aggressive driving, and other reports that relate to general driver safety:

  • Risk Management Report: Gives an overview of various statistics logged to identify which drivers may be at more risk of an accident;
  • Speed Profile: Gives a visual graph of your employees’ speed in comparison to the speed limit;
  • HOS Log: Easily keep track of hours of service by your drivers;
  • View Accidents & Log Data: Detailed list of every device log including all position, engine data and accelerometer data;
  • Easily share and distribute reports to improve driver behavior through regular feedback and coaching.

Minimizing Distractions

One of the other major issues on the roads today is distracted driving. Geotab systems are designed with this in mind. There are a number of features that help minimize distractions to your drivers, allowing them to keep their eyes on the road:

  • Audible, in-cab alerts to minimize the time drivers spend looking at their screens;
  • Have the fleet manager or dispatcher assign routes from a central location so that drivers don’t have to enter their next location manually;
  • Third party plugins that integrate seamlessly with Geotab for collision reduction and avoidance, such as the Mobileye Collision Avoidance system, and Zone Defence.

Other Benefits

Besides the obvious benefit of keeping your employees safe, reducing aggressive driving in your fleet has numerous other benefits.

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