GPS Fleet Tracking for Business: 6 Industries Where It Gives You the Advantage

In nearly every industry that has vehicles on the road, GPS Fleet Tracking can provide a competitive advantage. Whether your company moves customers’ items, addresses problems for them, or hauls stuff away, fleet tracking allows you to provide better customer service, while potentially saving your business money.


  1. Trades & Services: Landscapers, HVAC Companies, Plumbers have all reported fantastic benefits from integrating a fleet tracking management system into their vehicles on the road. We recently wrote about the use of GPS for a plumbing company. The reported results were noticeable — improved driving habits, productivity, less speeding incidents , wear and tear and inappropriate use of vehicles, and better gas mileage. A landscaping company that integrated Geotab into their fleet management approach reported several of the same benefits of GPS tracking, and said that it allowed them to provide better customer service more accurately project fuel costs.
  2. Professional Installers: A good example of the competitive advantage that telematics can provide is Red Hawk Fire & Security, which provides fire and security solutions and maintains a fleet of over 800 vehicles across the United States. They saw some amazing improvements in their business operations. Some of these included improved ticket times, a significant reduction in vehicle accidents, improved employee time reporting, and better driver safety.
  3. Non-Profits: Businesses with all sorts of mandates can see the benefits of GPS tracking. Take the case of Second Harvest, a food pickup and delivery service based in Canada that helps feed hungry people. After installing fleet tracking devices, they saw reduced idle time, and drivers making more pickups while driving further each day.
  4. Cleaning Businesses: Many home cleaning services have integrated fleet tracking systems into their vehicles, and have seen great results. They report that it has been an excellent scheduling tool, reduced time spent on administrative tasks, and made their business more effective.
  5. Waste & Junk Removal: 1800 GOT JUNK is the largest junk removal service in Canada, and Geotab has improved their operations in several ways, enabling them to improve the scheduling and efficient dispatching of their crews and reduce distractions for their drivers by having the operations team provide dispatches from a central location.
    Another client of GPS to GO’s is Bin There Dump That, which supplies residential bins and dumpsters. Gwen Harmen, their office manager, reports that Geotab “certainly makes the routing of our truck around the city faster and easier.  We are now able to answer customers questions about timing and availability faster and spend much less time on the phone with our drivers.”
  6. Government and Public Transit: GPS units are an essential tool for transit organizations to keep tabs on their bus fleets and provide the best service to their riders. A few years back, GPS to GO was contracted to assist in the installation of over 900 busses in Ottawa, Ontario.


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