Improve Employee Morale With GPS Fleet Tracking

Implementing GPS Fleet Tracking into your company can provide a huge range of benefits for your business – everything from reduced costs to improved customer service – and it can certainly make your employees more productive. But can it actually make your drivers happier? The answer may surprise you.

improve employee morale

How Can Telematics Help?

In any role where you spend the majority of your workday on your own, perhaps only interacting with customers, there’s the possibility for frustration to set in.

Put yourself in this scenario: you’re working harder than ever, pushing to be more productive. You’re reaching more clients in a day. You’re not spending time idling, and you’re driving safely. You’ve made a personal effort to be the best, most efficient employee in the company…

… and your boss actually has no idea about any of this.

In that type of situation, it’s easy to see how not being monitored can actually be a potential source of frustration. As noted in this blog post, How Fleet Managers Can Manage and Improve Employee Satisfaction with Telematics:

With such isolated and independent work, it can be challenging to recognize and reward stellar and loyal employees to provide motivation and pride. Telematics provides strong metrics as well as the flexibility to single out and track what behavior to reward, while providing clear goals for drivers to find motivation and a challenge in. For example, recognizing and even rewarding drivers with the least number of a specific exception violations will provide the management awareness they are seeking.

The Telematics Tools of the Trade

Thinking this way is a bit of a 180 from the way we often think of GPS Fleet Tracking – as a tool to mitigate bad driver behavior. The fact is, it’s also a tremendous tool to reward good driver behavior.

And the beauty of fleet tracking is, you can use one system to accomplish both goals at the same time. Best of all, it’s really, really simple to easily view the data and make quick judgments. Here are a few screens that show how simple it is.

This is an example of a basic dashboard screen. It’s useful for quickly getting a sense of who’s performing best, and where your fleet can improve on the whole (click to enlarge).

my geotab dashboard


Here is the Risk Management report – another simple way to check out who’s driving well, and who could be driving safer (names blurred out in this example report). Default statistics include information such as average speed, amount of times speeding, idling time, overall trips and after hours trips (click to enlarge).


risk management



Once you get a little more comfortable with the MyGeotab interface, you may want to delve deeper into some of the reporting. Here’s a detailed look at the factors that make up the Driver Score attribute (click to enlarge).


driver score geotab


Rewarding Your Good Drivers

There are many more reports you can utilize to assess the performance of your drivers. Rewarding drivers for some of the following statistics (easily trackable through Geotab) may be a good starting point for such a reward system:

  • Least times speeding;
  • Least amount of idling time;
  • Least off-hours use;
  • Most amount of trips;
  • Smoothest driving (least amount of harsh braking/accelerating)

Those are just a few ideas, but really, the possibilities are just about endless.

Start Improving Your Employee Morale Today

Your employees want to know that you’re not only keeping an eye out for bad behavior – but that you’re actively rewarding your best employees. By nature, it’s been tough in the past to do that when your employees are spread out through the city, region, or even the country.

With GPS Fleet Tracking from Geotab, it’s not tough anymore – it’s remarkably straightforward.

Make the first steps towards improving the morale of your hardest workers and try our famous $50 Geotab Fleet Tracking Trial Offer today.

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Happy Tracking,

Russ Salo, president

GPS to GO, Now You Know.