Test Out Our Fleet Tracking Solution Yourself To See How It Can Work For Your Business

Getting rolling couldn’t be easier, our plug n’ play GPS tracker devices that can be installed in a matter of seconds on any fleet vehicle.


Fleet Tracking Benefits

Improve Productivity

Verify employee start and finish times, plan more efficient routes.

Reduce Costs

Save on fuel costs, vehicle repairs and maintenance, and even insurance rates.

Better Customer Service

Give customers accurate ETA’s & know exactly how long an employee was at their location.

Safer Driving

Driver alerts and reports mean you can correct issues before they cause damage.

Vehicle Maintenance and Alerts

Vehicle diagnostics that alert of you of engine status, and remind you of maintenance.

Insights & Useful Reports

As a combination of reduced costs, better service, and a more productive team.

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Experience NO downtime with our easy plug & play devices that can be installed on any vehicle in seconds!


EMCO Found Our GPS Tracking Solution To Be Easy & Effective

The video to the right features Jarrett Chalmers, operations manager at EMCO, Canada’s largest and oldest commercial plumbing supplier. Jarrett oversees their warehouse and daily operations, including shipping and receiving, and customer service. In this video he explains just how easy it was to get started with our GPS technology and how they’re making good use of it in managing their fleet.