Case Study: How Geotab Helped a Company Reduce Accidents by 80% in a Region

While we often discuss the benefits of GPS tracking systems for small businesses on this blog, installing Geotab devices can provide spectacular benefits for medium and larger sized businesses as well. Take Red Hawk Fire & Security, for example, a company which employs a fleet of 800 vehicles across the United States.


Red Hawk offers a variety of services, including fire detection, security, video monitoring and more; over 50,000 people rely on Red Hawk’s knowledge and expertise every day.

The company had a number of objectives as goals that they decided integrating GPS units into their fleet could help them with. The first was to increase employee productivity, thus reaching more satisfied customers in a day.

Another issue that Red Hawk wanted to tackle was the high accident rate of its vehicles, both for the safety of its employees as well as the company’s bottom line.

Finally, the company’s corporate officers wanted to gain better insights as to exactly how its vehicles were being used on the road to determine whether they could more effectively manage fuel consumption and time spent idling by its drivers.

Red Hawk’s use of Geotab fleet tracking systems succeeded in helping the company on all three fronts, as well as some unexpected ones.

Geotab Delivers Results

The company initially installed Geotab GPS on about half of its vehicles, and saw quick benefits to their business within a short period of time. These included:

  • Ticket times have improved, meaning that the company’s fleet is operating more efficiently;
  • The company was able to identify discrepancies between the amount of hours that employees said they were on the job and their actual time;
  • In the company’s northwest region, accidents were cut by 80%. Installing Geotab devices and monitoring driving behavior through the MyGeotab software platform allowed the company to take corrective action towards the offending drivers and improve the safety throughout the fleet in that region;
  • Red Hawk also found that many of its staff were not wearing seatbelts; on the first day of operations with Geotab installed, there were over 250 incidences vehicles moving with the driver not wearing a seatbelt. Thanks to real-time alerts, reporting, and corrective action, there were no further incidents reported after just one week.

Because of the amazing improvements that Red Hawk has seen in its fleet since installing Geotab devices, the company plans on rolling out the units to its remaining vehicles. Read the original case study on the Geotab website here.

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