CASE STUDY: How Geotab Fleet Tracking Dropped a Fleet’s Accident Costs by 20%.

D.M. Bowman, Inc., is a leading transportation, warehousing and logistics company based in Williamsport, Maryland. The organization operates 325 vehicles which are nearly always on the go; fleet management, driver safety, and cost management are crucial parts of their core operations. So when the company’s insurance company approached them about implementing a usage-based program to determine their premium payments, management jumped at the opportunity.

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The company was already familiar with telematics, but Barry Wertz, D.M. Bowman’s director of safety and risk management, quickly became very interested in Geotab’s wider range of features when he began researching it – and the opportunities those features could provide for their overall operations. Specific features that met the company’s crucial needs included:

  • Real-time data reporting;
  • Seatbelt compliance;
  • Speed information against the posted speed limits.

The Implementation

As part of the usage-based insurance program with their insurance company, the company established increased driving standards, and management plans to bring all drivers in line with those new standards.

The organization started implementing the Geotab fleet tracking units on its fleet of vehicles about two years ago, and to date, it’s installed on 300 vehicles. Due to the great results thus far, the company plans on rolling it out to the remainder of their fleet in short order.

The Results

Bowman quote on GeotabD.M. Bowman saw operational improvements on a number of fronts after implementing telematics tracking.

  • In conjunction with the new security and driver management programs, the company saw a great reduction in unsafe driving habits. That contributed to a 20% reduction in accident costs.
  • The company has used telematics data provided by Geotab as supporting evidence in the event of a vehicle crash.
  • Wertz, the director of risk and safety, says that Geotab has benefited numerous areas relating to fleet management:
    • The platform’s ease-of-use and variety of reports has simplified operations for his department.
    • Locating vehicles is easier than ever before, and Geotab is the preferred method of doing so.
    • The company plans to expand its use of the Geotab platform into more areas of the fleet management, including vehicle routing, improving vehicle maintenance, and finding more efficiencies via the wide range of available reports.

See The Results for Your Own Business

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