CASE STUDY: How Geotab Improved a Fleet’s Safety

C&C Group is a facility services company with operations throughout Kansas and Missouri, including the Kansas City and St. Louis metro areas. A few years back, the company had an important concern to address within their fleet: the safety of its employees. An off-duty incident inspired this family-owned operation to look into ways to make things safer for their loyal staff. Since implementing Geotab GPS Fleet tracking into their fleet of 75 vehicles, they’ve seen several other great benefits relating to not only safety, but fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, reduced idling times and more.



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How It Worked for Them:

The company put Geotab plug-and-play fleet tracking devices to work in their trucks in an effort to improve safety metrics at the company. After two years, here’s what they’ve found:

  • Seat belt use within their fleet is now actively monitored, as are other safe driving concerns, such as speeding.
  • The company has found telematics data extremely useful for the company in dismissing frivolous claims of damage from other drivers on the road. With the rich set of data provided, they can accurately assess the legitimacy of claims. In some cases, they’ve even been able to prove that their own fleet drivers are not where the complainant drivers are claiming they are.
  • As they’ve become more familiar with the features that Geotab provides access to, they’ve been making use of all sorts of data and fleet reports tracked by the GPS units – among them, idling reports, vehicle maintenance tracking and, in particular, fuel consumption. While C&C Group jumped into fleet tracking with an eye towards safely, they’ve since gained an understanding of all the tremendous business benefits of GPS tracking.

A Better Way to Monitor Fuel Consumption & Mileage:

Before they implemented and integrated telematics data provided by Geotab GPS tracking into their fleet, C&C would rely on manual odometer recordings from their drivers to track fuel consumption. Since coming on board with Geotab, the company is now able to see exact fuel consumption details. This allows for much more precise measurement and forecasting of fuel costs – and allowing them to account for both fuel costs, and driver behavior.

Mileage tracking has also proved useful for vehicle maintenance purposes: dispatchers are now able to send their drivers accurate reminders of when their company vehicle is due for an oil change, for example.

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