How Geotab Helped an HVAC Company Save Big on Maintenance Costs

A#1 Air is an HVAC installation, maintenance and repair company which operates a fleet of 138 vehicles, based in Lewisville, Texas in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. For the company’s fleet, IT and building manager, Ken Kapson, telematics play an important role in keeping operations running as they should – and helping to manage both his vehicles and his employees.

So when the company’s previous telematics provider wasn’t quite providing the level of data and functionality suitable for his operational needs, he began to look for an upgrade.

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Vehicle Maintenance with GPS Fleet Tracking

Kapson and Air#1 Air looked into a wide variety of options to replace his existing telematics system, and were drawn to Geotab because of two major factors:

  • The unmatched ability and customization of the Geotab interface;
  • The massive support and training network associated with Geotab.

Since installing the fleet tracking devices on his company’s vehicles, Kapson has become a huge booster of the Geotab Fleet Tracking system. Here are some of the ways in which its helped his company, and made his life easier:

Vehicle Maintenance: According to Kapson, the ability to manage vehicle maintenance has been the most important benefit to his company’s operations thus far. “Maintenance costs have definitely reduced now that we’re monitoring our trucks,” he says.

Driver Training and Management: A#1 Air makes use of the Driver Scorecard feature of Geotab to keep tabs on their drivers and work with their employees on improving their driving behavior.

Lower Insurance Premiums: Through proof of safe driving provided by Geotab data, A#1 Air has been able to lower their insurance premiums.

Managing Accidents: Geotab has a number of features that not only tend to improve employees’ safe driving habits, but also make accident management easier.

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